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ASK SARAH #8: Side Hustles, Personal Branding, Exercise After Pregnancy

Should you start a business on the side while you’re employed full-time? What are the risks and complications—and are you obligated to let your employer know? This is a tricky question, and a lot depends state to state. I dig into the things you should know about corporate contracts, employment agreements, inventions and assignments agreements, and why getting a lawyer to look at your contracts is a really smart investment (and shouldn’t cost you more than a few hundred dollars).

ASK SARAH #7: Parenting And Healthier Habits (The Apple Philosophy)

How do you make space for healthier habits when you’re exhausted by family and work? That’s the question I got asked in The Wise Women’s Council this month, and that I’m tackling on this episode of the Ask Sarah Podcast (our premium, private podcast for Patreon backers and WWC members—you can get access for $7/month). “I have a limited amount of discipline and willpower and I’m spending it all on my family and business. How do I keep some for myself in order to make healthier choices and feel better physically?

Building Masterminds and Facilitating Communities: An Inside Look At How I Design Them — Episode #140

What does it take to nurture and grow community? In this episode of the podcast, I share what I’ve learned about building communities, growing them, and designing online gathering places in a deliberate way. Not everything is as easy as it appears—getting the nuances of timing, logistics, and people right can take a lot of iterations before it comes together. Here’s what I’ve learned about facilitation, group programs, and creating a deliberate space and practices that allow people to come together in community.

ASK SARAH #5: Becoming A Better Listener

A listener reached out with a question that was so thoughtful—and I am so excited to answer it: “How did you become a better listener, and were there certain tools, programs, or books you used to study the art of listening?” In this episode of our new podcast, Ask Sarah, I share the process I’ve used to listen more deeply. I also unpack the exact structure I use on my podcast and why the framework I use sets the stage for great conversations.

ASK SARAH #4: Designing And Facilitating Groups, Masterminds, and Communities

What does it take to build, run, and facilitate a group program? In this episode, I dig into how the Wise Women’s Council is put together and my personal experiences in designing and facilitating groups, masterminds, and communities. The Wise Women’s Council is my sixth run at a mastermind. In this AMA episode, I answer how I planned out the group’s structure, created goals, figured out what works for me (and what I hope works for you) and how we can get better at creating other mastermind groups over time.

ASK SARAH #3: A Deep Dive Into Content Marketing

On this episode of Ask Sarah: The Podcast, I got a very specific and challenging question from a business owner looking to use content marketing as a lead generation tool for business. Here’s the first part of the question: What should you focus on if you’re using content marketing as a lead generation tool for your business?

ASK SARAH #2: Do You Want More Children?

You asked: Does your family feel complete now that you’ve had two kids? Do you know how many children you want to have? Do you want more children? How did you decide? Oh gosh. This is a really hard question to answer. I don’t mind talking about or sharing these things, but this one isn’t an easy one for me, and you’ll hear me get close to crying on this episode. This is part of our new podcast, Ask Sarah, where you can ask me questions about your business, my life, or anything in between.

ASK SARAH #1: Staying Organized, Rest, And Restoring Yourself

Did you know we have a brand-new podcast? Ask Sarah: The Podcast is a place for you to ask anything you’d like—about your life, my life, business, parenting, or whatever is on your mind. This is a teaser of our brand new show. In this episode, you asked: What did I do to get my kids to sleep? How do I take care of myself? What do I need to rest and recharge? I also talk about how I’ve added specific restorative practices to my life, and share a glimpse inside my partnership and how my partner and I try to make time for each other with two kids—not an easy feat.

ASK SARAH: A New Podcast For Patreon Backers

Want to ask me anything? We have a new podcast for that. Ask Sarah: The Podcast is a place for you to ask anything you’d like—about your life, my life, business, parenting, or whatever is on your mind. To listen to these full-length Q/A episodes and get your own access to Ask Sarah: The Podcast, read on. This is a private bonus podcast for podcast supporters that we record every month.


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