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How Childhood Stress Affects Adult Health — Episode #206 with Michelle Stephens

Dr. Michelle Stephens, PhD, CPNP, RN is cofounder and chief nursing officer of Oath Care. Her experiences as a pediatric clinician, early childhood stress scientist, and mom deeply inform how she leads and builds in healthcare technology. In this episode we talk about Michelle’s career journey from pediatric nurse practitioner to healthcare startup founder — and what she’s learned along the way.

Decision Making With Head and Heart — Episode #024 With Bonnie Foley-Wong

How do you make great decisions in the face of emotions, complexity, and change? Bonnie Foley-Wong is an expert in investing, in decision-making, and in understanding what she calls “the head and the heart.” She left a dream job to start her own venture fund, Pique Ventures, and later got pregnant at age 40 with her first child. I ask her about tapping into intuition in the workplace and how she overcame the idea that entrepreneurship was something ‘other people did.’

The Future of Work (and Feminism) Is Flexible — Episode #002 With Annie Dean

Thirty percent of talented women drop out of the workforce, not because they want to, but because the way work looks is outdated, flawed, and fails women and families on a regular basis. And a full 70% of those women would still be working if they had access to better (or any) workplace flexibility. What would it do for our economy and businesses if we weren’t losing so ambitious, committed employees so rapidly? The corporate world is stuck in a structural model that is a relic of the post-Industrial era. Today’s guest on the show is an entrepreneur building a simple, yet  revolutionary answer that makes the world fit women—rather than trying to make women fit into the world.

The Startup Parent Podcast: Why & How the Show Started — Episode #001 with Mattan Griffel

In this first episode, I give you a bit of the behind-the-scenes about why we started the show. When I interviewed at a Y Combinator backed startup in 2014, I was transparent about my desire and plans to start a family. Eight months in I was promoted to VP. One month later, I realized I was pregnant. The CEO, a great friend of mine, supported the entire process. Yet it still wasn’t what I expected. And that launched the start of a deeper desire to tell new stories about what it really takes to grow businesses and babies—and what’s been missing from the conversation. This podcast is the start of a conversation about the overlap between entrepreneurship, pregnancy, and parenting. Listen in to why we got started.

Building a Family-Friendly Startup

Sara Mauskopf is the CEO and Co-founder of Winnie. She has a background in consumer technology and product management, having worked at Postmates, Twitter, YouTube, and Google. She graduated with a Computer Science and Engineering degree from MIT. She talks with us about how pregnancy and parenting changed her work, why she left to start her own company, and what Winnie does for parents.


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