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Morning Routine In A Pandemic — Episode #152

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding it mighty hard to even get started in the morning. I know these last episodes have all been about finding patterns and rituals amidst the madness, and it’s for a reason—finding my new normal (or a sense of it) is all I feel like I can do right now.

A Reminder For When Shit Hits The Fan—Or When You Feel Like You Can’t Keep Up

Right now, February, I’m in the middle of launch season, my biggest program is shipping out, I’ve got two more products in the works, and also—we’re in the middle of moving as a family, and the kids are switching schools in a couple of days. Basically, you know how the story goes: there’s a lot going on. There’s always a lot going on. How do you deal with the overwhelm? By adopting this mindset framework I love.

How To Streamline Your Business — Episode #132

This Fall, I took a break from podcasting for three months to focus on writing projects. It turns out “doing it all” isn’t possible, not here, not anywhere—not for me, at least. In my experience, there is always a priority, and you either choose or it chooses for you. This Fall, I took a hiatus from podcasting to focus on writing. Here’s the latest update—and our newest minibook.

Win More Business, Make More Friends, Get More Money — Episode #122

Today Sarah shares a simple and universally applicable tool which is the best way she’s found to develop more empathy and more understanding and to arrive at a place where we can have better conversations. It’s the same tool that Sarah has personally used to grow her business, taught to her mastermind students, and to her speaking audiences around the world.

Great Companies Are Not Going to Be Built Because We Are Too Busy Apologizing Graciously to Each Other

I think a lot about the phrase “Kill Your Darlings,”an expression for writers who are in the writing room, having to sob and wring their hands and kill the good ideas in pursuit of the really great—even excellent—ideas. In business, we have to do this all the time. But I think there’s a piece missing, especially for women business owners, and we’re not talking about it.

Habit Shift — Episode #044

How can we change the way we operate? While there are tons of suggestions out there on how to break bad habits and build better ones in their place, how can you figure out what strategies of habit change work best for you?

Choosing the Simple Moments — Episode #009 With Erin Boyle of Reading My Tea Leaves 

Having children invites chaos into your life. So if your work focuses on minimalism and simple living, how do you align those themes with the bedlam of being a mother, a parent? As the mother of two children under the age of four, with a six-month old in the house, simple moments are even more precious to Erin. Today she shares how her background in history and public humanities led her to explore the idea of ‘living small.’ I ask Erin about her gentle approach to self-improvement and how she defines courage within the context of being a parent. Listen in to learn how getting comfortable with uncertainty a big part of parenting, why she cautions against speaking about pregnancy in universal terms, and how you can embrace the ‘idyllic and beautiful’ moments in your life.


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