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Running Online Groups and Facilitating Group Experiences — Episode #161 with Tara McMullin

A few weeks ago, Tara McMullin invited me onto her podcast to talk at length about mastermind programs—how we run them, what we charge, how they’re organized, how many people are in them, and more. I asked her if I could share the episode with all of you, too, so I’m airing this conversation again on the Startup Pregnant podcast. This episode is a very detailed, behind-the-scenes look at both of our online programs and how we’ve designed our mastermind communities.

ASK SARAH #4: Designing And Facilitating Groups, Masterminds, and Communities

What does it take to build, run, and facilitate a group program? In this episode, I dig into how the Wise Women’s Council is put together and my personal experiences in designing and facilitating groups, masterminds, and communities. The Wise Women’s Council is my sixth run at a mastermind. In this AMA episode, I answer how I planned out the group’s structure, created goals, figured out what works for me (and what I hope works for you) and how we can get better at creating other mastermind groups over time.

Why Listening Well Is More Important Than Giving Advice

It’s fun to brainstorm, to be clever, to solve things. There’s a smattering of satisfaction associated with this—at least for me—because it feels good to solve things. It feels so good, in fact, that I notice sometimes I interrupt, break in, or try to solve something before we’ve even gotten to the root of the question. In our lives, it’s easy to jump right in and propose solutions before we even understand the scope of what’s happening. The trouble is, how do we know that our advice is what really needs to be said? Here’s how and why to listen, instead.

What Is a Mastermind and Should You Join One?

One of the hard parts of being an entrepreneur is the psychological weight of being the key decision-maker. Every decision and metric depends on you. Figuring out how to organize your time, stay accountable, and make everything happen without losing your mind is a real challenge. I don’t say this lightly: Not having people to talk to and bounce ideas around with can be one of the hardest parts of starting your own business. For that reason, many entrepreneurs I know turn to mastermind accountability groups to help them stay focused and successful. But what exactly is a mastermind and why are they so important? Here’s what they are, how they’re structured, and how it works.


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