What does it take to become a better listener?

A listener reached out with a question that was so thoughtful—and I am so excited to answer it:

“How did you become a better listener, and were there certain tools, programs, or books you used to study the art of listening?”

I love this question because I have not always identified as a great listener. In fact, I used to think I was a terrible listener (and I was)! I would daydream, get lost in my own thoughts, forget to pay attention, and never ask people any follow-up questions.

In this episode, I share the process I’ve used to listen more deeply. I also unpack the exact structure I use on my podcast and why the framework I use sets the stage for great conversations.

There are two questions I use over and over again to help get to the heart and emotion of a story, and that make our interviews go deeper than the surface level.

Enjoy, and feel free to send me a note if there are any tools or resources that you’ve come across that have helped you grow as a listener, interviewer, or in 1:1 conversations.




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