How did you design The Wise Women’s Council and why did you design it the way you did?

The specific question I got for this podcast episode was regarding the Wise Women’s Council:

“How did you decide on the model for your membership? Have you been in other programs like this structured in the same way?”

I can easily overthink this kind of thing, which makes me super excited to get to dig into more of how the Wise Women’s Council is put together and how my personal experiences helped me arrive at this group design concept.

I’ve worked in different mastermind groups over years. In my experiences with these different groups, I’ve gotten to ask myself what makes these groups work? What makes them fall flat? Through my participation and observation, I used my learnings to create my own pace, infrastructure and community framework for the Wise Women’s Council

The Wise Women’s Council is my sixth run at a mastermind. In this Ask Sarah episode, I answer how I planned out the group’s structure, created goals, figured out what works for me (and what I hope works for you) and how we can get better at creating other mastermind groups over time. 




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