The Wise Women’s Council


We are as wise as the relationships we are a part of. Join our year-long community of women navigating pregnancy, parenting, business, and leadership.

Applications open in January. 

This is the community of wise women you want by your side while you navigate the next year.

Come be seen, heard, and understood. Work through business challenges, weekly pickles, partnership puzzles, and connect with other like-minded souls navigating working, pregnancy, and parenting.

Building a business, being a working parent, and navigating this new world of work as a woman is hard.

It’s better when we do it together.

More than anything else, it is the quality of our relationships that creates the highest levels of happiness and satisfaction. We aren’t meant to do this alone. We need to do this together.


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“Thank you for putting this together, Sarah. Building and taking part in communities is one of the most important things that we neglect in our busy modern lives.”

— Katie Bronnenkant, Founder Simple SaaS Finance

“I discovered the Startup Pregnant podcast a few months after my son was born, and I fell head over heels for the authentic portrayal of this massive shift into motherhood. I was craving being known, seen, and understood during this incredibly challenging time and that’s what Startup Pregnant offered immediately.”

— Sharon Stolt, Senior Director & Head of Global Learning and Development, Model N

When I say “motherhood and entrepreneurship” you say…


Parenting and running a business at the same time? It’s nuts. It’s amazing. There are things that make you want to throw shit against the wall. There are blinking moments of stunning beauty. It’s going too fast.


Why the hell didn’t anyone tell you the truth about it when you signed up for this? Sometimes it feels insane. Like the work world is not designed for working parents. (It’s not! And it’s nuts!)


What people don’t tell you about running a business—or even any high-powered leadership track—is that it’s really fucking lonely. Why aren’t more people talking about this? And, you wonder, will it be like this forever? It’s such a pickle: you want to connect more with other women, but you feel like you don’t have enough time. You wish someone would just do it for you!


You know there’s more inside of you, but you need help sorting—decluttering, figuring, planning, making time—you wish you had a business mentor. And a mentor in parenting. And like eight more adults in your life to handle the load, to be honest…


You need a community of like-minded women. You want a space to talk to other brilliant women about deeper truths. You want belly laughs and deep cries and people who get how hard this can be.


You want a mentor or a guide to chat with every so often. Someone who has been through it, who has gathered the team, who has resources to share. Who can listen to you, and help you through the sticky times.

That’s why I made the Wise Women’s Council.

The Wise Women’s Council is a gathering space for driven, ambitious women carving out a new world of work, leadership, and parenting. It’s a place to connect, level up, be real, and be vulnerable together in a private community space dedicated to you and your peers.



I’m building the community I needed when I became a parent.

Pregnancy was tough on me, and I was living in a very masculine tech world, working at a venture-backed startup with a team of young guys who didn’t know what I was going through. We didn’t even have formal parental leave policies—no one had gotten pregnant! Despite working across architecture and tech for more than a decade, navigating the world of pregnancy and parenting was brand-new to me.

So I launched The Startup Pregnant Podcast as a way to connect to more women and hear from other parents. I didn’t know then how healing these stories would be for me. Interviewing hundreds of parents about entrepreneurship, pregnancy, parenting, and the transformational chaos that happens when you invite kids into your life was my lifeline.

I didn’t have a lot of family around, and my husband and I lived far away from our biological families. We had to build community around us, and learn as we went. The Wise Women’s Council is what I needed, and now that I know what it’s like to have a community of women and parents around me, I don’t think I can ever go back. 


A retreat in New York City with fellow business women—soul-rejuvenating.

Hosting a gathering in Colorado for entrepreneurs and change-makers.

The world of parenting today doesn’t look like what it did in years past. How we work and how we parent are undergoing massive changes.

The world of work today doesn’t work for most parents.

Today’s work world was not built for the biology of women. We need to stop trying to fit into a world of work that doesn’t work for us—and carve out a new way of working. 

My work in this world is to build spaces for people to grow alongside each other and connect more deeply in community. Through connecting, we can move faster—sharing resources, ideas, and breakthroughs. We’re not meant to go it alone. We don’t grow and then connect. We connect, we share bravely, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and real, and then we grow—both personally and professionally.

The personal is professional. The professional is personal. I don’t believe that we can leave work at work and deal with family stuff later. We are the ones who are carving out the new realities of work and parenting, and when we have personal breakthroughs, we make space for professional breakthroughs, too.

My goal for this space is to create a container for you to leave at the end of the year feeling like you’ve made life-long connections and friendships. I love seeing people make major decisions and strides in their businesses and witnessing the business breakthroughs and personal growth moments as people dig in and do the work.

Come join us if this is something you need in your life. I’m grateful to be able to make this space and even more grateful for the amazing women that join each year.

Hey, I’m Sarah Peck.

Writer. Entrepreneur. Swimmer. Mama to two boys. Lover of books. Host and creator of Startup Pregnant.


I help women entrepreneurs and female founders navigate pregnancy, parenting, and leadership. I’m the founder and executive director here at Startup Pregnant, and I’m the host and guide of this community. If we haven’t met before, I’ve been hosting retreats, masterminds, and programs for women and entrepreneurs for over a decade.

Whether it’s in-person or online, small or big—you name it, I’ve done it. I know that I’m here in this world to connect people: to new ideas, to fellow humans, to new friends. I love gathering people together and bringing like-minded people into great spaces to go deep and to grow.

I have a few core life philosophies that I strive to live up to each and every day. The first is a commitment to growth, which means making your self the best place you can to be, since we are embodied selves. Another is experimentation, and knowing that you don’t have to do things the way they’ve always been done. And across everything, I believe in deep compassion and kindness, especially for new parents, because it’s so unbelievably hard at times.


I’ve worked and consulted at venture-backed startups, created my own freelance company, and then founded my own company. Prior to that, I worked as a communications consultant and marketing expert for architecture companies. My work has been featured in The New York Times, Fast Company, 99U, Forbes, Inc, and more. I speak around the world about parenting, rethinking business design, and the future of work.

I don’t see work, community, and health as separable: for my entire life, I’ve been an athlete. I am a 20-time All American swimmer and I swam the “Escape from Alcatraz” nine times, once without wearing a swimsuit to raise $33,000 for charity: water. Currently I live at home in New York City with my husband and our two boys. I’m a huge fan of camping, hiking, outdoor adventures, reading books, getting deeply nerdy around ideas, and hosting dinner parties at my house.

It’s not always easy to see where you’re going—or the fullness of your own potential. When we come together in community, change is possible.

The Program & Structure

A nine month long gathering space to be in the community of other wise women navigating the parenting, business-building, and leadership journeys. With guest lectures, deep conversations, and happy hour hangouts to connect with other women. Plus, every month we’ll have a guest teacher join us with specific expertise to help unpack and untangle your stickiest puzzles. Taught and guided by Sarah K Peck, alongside brilliant coaches and guest teachers.


Step back from the crazy of life and start your month off with a full heart by joining our once-monthly guided call, led by Sarah. Meet with other people in the community in real time. We’ll pause, breathe, and come together. With time for connecting with other women and sharing where you are on the journey.

First Thursday of every month.

10am Eastern / 1pm Pacific. Calls are hosted on Zoom and recorded for you to replay later.



Each month, I’ll introduce a new theme and topic for discussion: from clarity to soul to loss to love, we’ll go there. This is the place for us to talk about all of it.  We’re not afraid of real talk or depth.

But getting to the good stuff can be hard. That’s why I lead us into it—I’ll kick it off with an audio message to introduce the theme and a journaling prompt for you to write about your own experiences with our topic. Think of these as monthly nudges to bring you from the daily whirlwind back into your heart and soul to find mental clarity and go deeper.

Available on-demand, play and read at any time. 


We’re as wise as the council we keep. Join us as we invite guest leaders and experts to share tactical advice on business building, leadership, parenting, and more. Each month, we’ll invite a brilliant strategist, leader, or business owner to join us. 

Third week of the month, various times.
Recorded and available for replay.


A private Slack channel for members of the group only. This will be a space for you to connect with other members, post questions, and to have ongoing connection. Every week, there will be a community prompt posted. I’ll lead us with question prompts and channels, you bring your whole self, and it will be magic.

Always available, digital space for our community only.
Sarah will be in the Slack channel once weekly, sometimes more.


Want my brain on a puzzle? Curious how I solve something? Each month I’ll answer your trickiest Q’s on a private podcast. Submit your questions—from business to marketing to parenting and more—and I’ll record an in-depth, thoughtful answer to help you move forward.(Plus, you’ll get access to the archives, too.)

One new episode each month. Download and listen whenever—a private podcast while you do laundry, dishes, workout. You do you.


If you enjoy reading together, we’ll have one new book each month to share and read alongside each other throughout the year. For those of you who don’t have time to read, we’ll share shorter articles, quotes and questions so you can follow along in the club, even if you didn’t have time to read all the books. The last weekend of the month, we’ll have a casual book-club in our Slack channel around the book of the month. Scroll down to see what books we’re reading!

Held in a virtual Slack room.
Don’t know Slack? Don’t worry. We’ll teach you. 

Be the first to know when applications open for The Wise Women’s Council. 

Sign up here to get on our early-bird notification list for upcoming community mastermind. Pre-season enrollment happens in December. Early bird applications start in January.

When you sign up, you’ll get our emails telling you exactly when to apply. You’ll also get our weekly mailer, which you can turn on and off (and still get notifications for the mastermind). 

Monthly Themes

Each month we’ll dig deep into an area of study with a guided monthly theme. The monthly theme is a call to examine an area of your life, and will connect to the recommended book and conversations we spark in our community chat room.


Gather, connect, discuss.

Take a look inside our nine monthly themes for the type of conversations we’ll focus on during our year together.


The hallmark of entrepreneurship is figuring out how to do things that haven’t been done before. In many ways, we’re all entrepreneurs when it comes to the future of work. 


When your whole world changes, it’s hard to stay adaptive and resilient. We’ll examine our mental space and tools we can use to deal with our expectations and lived realities. 


How do you cultivate the ability to listen inwardly to your own voice of leadership inside a the madness of voices telling women what they should look like, sound like, and be like?


None of what we are going through happens in isolation. Let’s look outwards, towards the fishbowl we’re swimming in, and see the landscape of our lives more fully.


A brand-new person affects every relationship that is interconnected to it. Yet we’re expected to stay the same, or “get back”—which is unrealistic.


Life is hard for almost everyone, but we don’t share openly and honestly. What changes when we share truthfully? A lot can change.


Let’s talk scale, fit, growth, and marketing. We’ll look at how to dial up what you’re offering and strategies to expand your business.


How do you cultivate the ability to listen inwardly to your own voice of leadership inside a the madness of voices telling women what they should look like, sound like, and be like?


Your business and life work best when you tap into your own heart-centered wisdom. Knowing who you are, what you stand for, and what you truly want is the work of a lifetime.

Featured Guest Teachers

Sometimes you need someone on the outside to look at what you’re doing to provide clarity. I’ve invited nine experts across marketing, messaging, business, growth, and personal development to join us and share their wisdom and insights in a private session just for this mastermind. Here are a few of the speakers that are joining us.


With coaching upgrade options:

Go deeper with group coaching or private 1:1 work with Sarah.

If you want to go deeper…


When you apply to join, you can select to be a part of a small, hand-selected group of six to eight people to go deeper with twice monthly small-group coaching sessions. We have some wonderful, expert coaches—see down below for their bios—who will be leading individual small groups throughout the year.

Small groups meet twice monthly, during the second and fourth weeks of each month. You’ll be in a hot seat once each month for a 20 minute focused clarity session to share your work, your progress, and your breakthroughs. Go deeper in your business and see the honest insides of other people’s work, as well. Groups will be organized to align skill levels and businesses.


Business breakthroughs


Stuck on a gnarly business challenge? Women in the private coaching groups can submit their challenges to the guest teachers for spotlight mini-sessions at the end of the live sessions to help make breakthroughs and new discoveries.

We’ll pick 2-3 challenges to spotlight monthly—recorded and available for replay.


Or choose 1:1 private mentorship sessions


If you would like to work side by side this year on your business, and go deeper on your dreams for life, business, and partnership, you can apply to work 1:1 with Sarah. Eight spaces are available, by application only.




Meet Your Coaches

If you opt to go deeper with personalized coaching, you’ll be assigned to a small group of six to eight people for added clarity, support, and personalized feedback and growth.


Michelle Florendo is a personal and executive coach for Type-A professionals. She is known for her analytical approach to coaching. With a BS in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University, and an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, Michelle uses a blend of decision engineering, design thinking, and lean startup principles to help her clients map their path forward.

Over the years Michelle has led workshops both domestically and internationally, showing hundreds of driven professionals how to use the principles of decision engineering to craft careers that energize them. She has been repeatedly invited to lead workshops at various conferences such as the Haas Berkeley Women In Leadership Conference, and has guest-taught on career decision making in Stanford’s famous Design Your Life course. She served on the inaugural coaching team for Seth Godin’s altMBA, is a founding member of the Forbes Coaches Council, and is an adjunct faculty member at New Ventures West.

In 2010, while at UCBerkeley for her MBA, she received an award for her work as a leadership communications coach. In 2015 she was selected for the FWN Global 100 list of most influential Filipinas in the world for her work providing professional development to underrepresented groups in the corporate sector. In 2016 she was published in an anthology of women’s leadership stories, Disrupt 2.0.

Michelle has been a part of The Wise Women’s Council for two years and was interviewed on The Startup Pregnant Podcast for her expertise in decision analysis.



As a writer and creator, I have a deep love for people striving to make beautiful, useful, and kind things for the world. I approach both life and work with curiosity and compassion. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than telling a story that enlightens, entertains, and connects. Whether you’re an individual with a big dream and post-it business plan or a growing startup, I can help you uncover your brand stories, cultivate trusting and authentic relationships with your ideal clients, create a website that engages, craft courses and products that sell, and more.

For the past 7 years I’ve worked as a writer and creative director for individuals and small businesses (including my own). With a background in entrepreneurship and psychology, I know what it takes to be memorable while staying authentic. My requirements: you’re committed to doing big, beautiful work for yourself and for the good of others.

I’ve done work for tech startups, small businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs. Luckily for me, my passion for social justice, women’s and parents’ well-being, and sustainability drives my personal and professional life. My work has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Forbes, Mind Body Green, Startup Pregnant, Sunset Magazine, and Design Sponge.

Cary has been a part of The Wise Women’s Council for two years and was one of the guest co-hosts of The Startup Pregnant Podcast for The Friendship Series.

Be the first to know when applications open for The Wise Women’s Council. 

Sign up here to get on our early-bird notification list for upcoming community mastermind. Pre-season enrollment happens in December. Early bird applications start in January.

When you sign up, you’ll get our emails telling you exactly when to apply. You’ll also get our weekly mailer, which you can turn on and off (and still get notifications for the mastermind). 

Choose the level that’s right for you—this is a flexible community designed to fit into your busy life.

The last thing you need is more on your to-do list. That’s why this community has been designed and refined over many iterations to fit the lives of most busy working parents everywhere. The content is downloadable and streamable offline. We focus on audio, on-demand, and asynchronous as much as possible—so you can listen while folding laundry-driving-running errands-whatever you’ve got going on. The chat room is on-demand so you can text if you’re up nursing at 3am, or mute notifications til happy hour if you need sanity space. 

At the core are two calls per month, the first week and the third week. The first week we have an all-group call with everyone, so you can pop in and meet this community of women face-to-face. Then the third week, we have a guest teacher join us to help us with specific business, marketing, and growth challenges. These are the two things each month most people try to make. If you can’t make it, we record the calls and you can watch them on your own time.

Everything else is available on-demand and in a way that will fit your schedule. We drop all the monthly content the first week of the month and you can listen whenever, wherever. We use an online platform that syncs to iOS devices and that you can listen to on-demand, whenever you’d like. Think of it like a private podcast, just for you. Want to do the monthly worksheets on Sunday mornings before the kids get up? Or do you prefer to listen instead of journal, and you pick the audios? We’re here for you, and you don’t have to “do it all” to get what you need.

This isn’t an unfocused, scattered Slack room. This is an intentional Slack community. I’ve joined a few dozen Slack rooms, and when not moderated well, they’re a pain. Too much messaging can be overwhelming, and community rooms with no guidance can be sporadic. This is not that. I post thoughtful prompts for you all to respond to on Mondays, and then I designate Friday as my “check-in” days to come back and continue the conversation. We take a slower pace on purpose. The coaches pop in once per week. You will find your own groove. People find they love saying hi when they need, and chat with the community whenever they have pockets of downtime in between the craziness of life—it makes them feel less alone, more connected, and laugh more. That’s the goal.

You don’t need to “do everything”—doing it all is not the goal. Pick the community pace that’s right for you. See two books you like in book club but want to skip the rest? Heck yes you can do that! This is not a classroom, and you won’t get a grade. The measure of success for this space is whether or not you feel seen, heard, supported, and connected. Consider this your invitation to practice being intentional about what supports you right now. We need more spaces where we get to feel into what we truly want and need, rather than trying to do it all.

If you want more 1:1 support, check out the optional coaching upgrades. For those that want to go deeper in small groups, we have either a twice-monthly group coaching option with one of our amazing coaches, or a private mentorship option with Sarah directly. We’ve separated this out from the community mastermind level so that you can be intentional about what’s right for you and your life this year. For those that select the group coaching, you’ll meet twice per month in your small groups, during the second and fourth weeks of the month. For those that select to work with Sarah, you’ll also have a twice monthly group, plus additional 1:1 private sessions with Sarah.

What People Are Saying: 


Meet Erin Simpson,
Founder & Principal of Brick Lane PR

Erin was pregnant when she signed up to join The Wise Women’s Council in 2019.

Why did you sign up to join The Wise Women’s Council?

I had been devouring the podcast and found it really inspiring as I was mentally piecing together what life as an entrepreneur, working mother, wife, might look like. I said “Ahh, these are my people!” I knew I’d transition into becoming a mother during the course of the WWC so it felt like the perfect way to learn, grow and get support from and connect with an amazing group of like-minded women during this vulnerable and uncertain time.

What did you love about the program? What were your favorite parts?

I loved the group calls, and the personal connections I made throughout the course of our time together. I loved the questions Sarah asked of us throughout, giving us space to pause, question, accept, sit with, etc. ALL THE THINGS. We covered so much ground and I felt like were all on different yet parallel journeys, so I was able to learn so much just by being present and bearing witness to what every other woman in the group was experiencing. Moments of joy and big wins were favorites but also seeing everyone grow and change was really incredible.

How would you explain this program to someone who is thinking of doing it?

If think you’d like to connect with and be a part of a group of a smart, strong, amazing, women who are all on journeys that are similar to yours, or are interested in the idea of group coaching but aren’t really sure what it looks like for you, then I’d say 100% do it. You’ll be surprised how big of an impact it can have on your life, and how much you grow by being connected with these women, and what you’ve probably been missing in other areas of your life.

What was your biggest “aha” moment during this process? How did you feel that you transformed or changed during the mastermind?

I was more honest, more vulnerable, more open and also was challenged to be really kind to myself. I am used to just being heads down cranking away and taking the time, space, and care to just sit with new feelings was scary but so rewarding. I feel like I just can see things differently now. And also a big one was how kind, helpful and loving these people I hadn’t met in person could be, and sometimes I felt more seen and heard by them than people I see and talk to every day.

Who is this Mastermind perfect for? Tell me about this person:

Women who work hard—paid or unpaid—while also wanting more for themselves, whether entrepreneurs or people in career transitions, or people who want to add more balance to their lives, and who want to grow and connect with other amazing women. So basically, everyone.


Meet Alexis Grant,
Founder of The Write Life

Alexis is a media entrepreneur who helps grow companies, teams, people, and profit. She helped grow The Penny Hoarder from a small team to 100 people.

Why did you sign up to join The Wise Women’s Council?

I joined because I wanted to connect with other women who were juggling both career and family in a supportive space.

What did you love about the program? What were your favorite parts?

I loved the support we all provided each other through career and personal decisions and transitions. Being in the company of these women constantly reminded me that all the sometimes-conflicting feelings I have about family, business and life are normal, and that other women are working through a lot of the same challenges.

How would you explain this program to someone who is thinking of doing it?

It can be really lonely struggling to balance career and family, especially as a new parent. This group added the layer of support I was craving.

What was your biggest “aha” moment during this process? How did you feel that you transformed or changed during the mastermind?

In my first few years as a working mom, I felt like it was just so hard, and how the heck was everyone else doing it? My ah-ha moment during this mastermind was that it’s hard for everyone else, too. Sometimes just knowing you’re not alone in your struggle, and having someone else to talk to about it, is enough to get through it.

Who is this Mastermind perfect for? Tell me about this person:

Any woman who’s career-minded and also raising a family, whether you’re building your own business, working a demanding job or want to switch from one to the other. Working women need this support. Thank you for making it available!

I loved the call to be generous with our time and talents, and how that was met by each deeply invested participant. I felt as if I had a new circle of supporters, people who I also wanted to help meet their goals and dig into challenges and big ideas. The community, all centered around wanting to do and be even better selves, was incredibly empowering.

— Jessica Ashley, Founder, Sassafras Media

Being with Sarah in a mastermind is a totally life-changing experience. She has a knack for listening in a really powerful way. But here’s the thing: having my turn to speak in the hot seat is always life-changing. What was more surprising and powerful was how much I got out of being there for other people. Sarah models how to listen, how to ask insightful questions, and how to create space for other people to be honest, to be real, to be growing-in-process. Through her guidance, I became a more active listener and connected more deeply to other people’s stories. That was the game changer: being a powerful listener is the substance of true, life-long connections.

— Kinzie Ferguson, Owner, The Empowerment Photographer

I loved having a designated space, time, and community with which to dive deep into the most pressing questions in my personal and professional life. This structure worked really well for me because it provided structured times to pose and answer important questions, an accountability group that inspired me and pushed me to dig deeper, and finally a look into the questions, struggles, and aha moments of other ambitious people! After this mastermind, I have seriously wondered how people function without a similar support network and structure!

— Michele C, Social Entrepreneur

The experience of going through the mastermind with you and our crew was incredible. It left me feeling inspired, supported, poised, and empowered to take action to make my dream of running my own business a reality! I learned concrete tools and ideas from you and my peers in the group and felt truly held and heard in all of our interactions. Thank you for creating this space for our group to gather.

— Gretchen H

Senior Planner, San Francisco

Sarah was a thoughtful and committed guide through this process. I found the monthly rhythms and the check-in calls with her to be wildly helpful. Even more so, I found her theme of asking questions to upend all of my thinking about how to make progress on problems. Instead of saying, I need an action plan! Sarah would ask, why do you feel this way? Why do you think you need that? Throughout that process, you could start to get a better grip and handle on what was actually going on in your own mind.

— Amy Francois

Senior Content Manager + Credit Strategies, GLG

I loved the diversity of people who shared the same values of motivation, growth and learning. It totally exceeded my expectations! This is a structured Mastermind with the opportunity to meet other high-quality, motivated people, dig deep into your questions via deep dives and make progress on your goals.

— Diana Jaunzeikare

Software Engineer, Google

Sarah’s ability to connect people is like magic. Once you meet your Mastermind tribe, you’re sure to build relationships that have the potential to last longer than the 3 months you’re together.

— Shannon Callarman

Content Director , Red Caffeine Marketing & Technology

The group of women you put together was great. They made the program.
— Katie Bronnenkant

Join Us



  • All Group Guided call—the first week of every month.
  • Private Slack channel with everyone in the community.
  • Monthly themes + content: audio podcast, worksheet, and weekly guided prompts for reflection and conversation.
  • Guest teachers and experts on parenting, business, and leadership.
  • Monthly Ask-Me-Anything podcast to go deeper with Sarah.
  • Everything is recorded and easy to access in one online portal for easy streaming and listening on-the-go.



  • Everything in the community mastermind, plus the following:
  • Hand-selected small group of women (8-10 max).
  • 1:1 Deep-dive interview and private podcast featuring you and your cohort.
  • Dedicated coach (see coach profiles, above).
  • Twice monthly group coaching sessions to dig deeper into your challenges across parenting + business.
  • Business Breakthrough Q/A sessions with expert teachers—we’ll put 1-2 ideas in the hot seat for deeper analysis.



  • Everything in the community mastermind and group coaching levels, with Sarah as your coach.
  • One small group of 8 people (max) for twice monthly group coaching with Sarah.
  • A 1:1 deep dive with Sarah every month for personalized strategy, accountability, and leadership coaching (9 total coaching sessions; one per month).
  • Voxer check-ins and email support in between sessions.

A few important details. Tuition is due in full by the time we begin the program together.  We do run a scholarship competition each year and award two 50% scholarships. Please read our blog in January 2020 for more details.

Early Bird Applications — Bonuses + Perks

Apply by January 20th, 2020

There are benefits to applying early. We love it when you join us right away, and want to give you perks for doing so. Apply by January 20th, and you’ll get complementary access to the Year In Review and Planning Your Year Ahead workshops taught by Sarah Peck. Early bird applications will have access to early bird pricing—save up to $1250 by registering early this year. You must submit your application no later than January 20th.

Community Mastermind — $2800 early bird.
Group Coaching + Community Mastermind — $5400 early bird.

PAYMENT PLANS ARE AVAILABLE. Inquire on the application and we will set it up.


Be the first to know when applications open for The Wise Women’s Council.

Sign up here to get on our early-bird notification list for upcoming community mastermind. Pre-season enrollment happens in December. Early bird applications start in January.

When you sign up, you’ll get our emails telling you exactly when to apply. You’ll also get our weekly mailer, which you can turn on and off (and still get notifications for the mastermind).


During the program, you’ll also get complementary access to last year’s guest teacher recordings, plus our library of how-to guides and mini-books—all as part of this membership. My ask of you? Take only what you need, and customize it so it suits you perfectly.

  • Kate Northrup Watts, on book writing, membership platforms, and doing less but having more impact while parenting young kids.
  • Nailah Blades, on building a business around play and joy.
  • Sara Frandina, on the identity shift and transformation of the first year of motherhood.
  • Megan Hale, on flexible goal setting frameworks and “good-better-best” methods to making progress amidst the chaos.
  • Margo Aaron, on friendship, boundaries, and how relationships change when you become a parent.
  • Mary Beth Storjohann, on wealth, money, and setting up systems for personal wealth building.

It’s time for you to lead.

So often I see women looking around, asking for mentors, questioning, “What’s next?”

You’re next, my dear. The time is now. You are the leader that the world is looking for.

The good news: if it feels like it’s confusing, overwhelming, and intimidating—you’re well on your way. We’re a group of women dedicated to doing things that have never been done before, which means it is bound to be a little messy. 

So what? We’re #boss when it comes to wiping up shit, managing the motherload, and negotiating with toddlers. Even after all that, we still get to work. That’s what it’s all about.

Leadership is big. It’s a lot. We’re here for you and your growth. It you’re here, I know that you are building something big with your life and your work, and it’s time for you, me, and all of us to step into our strength.

But leadership shouldn’t mean doing it alone.

Nope, not here. Here at Startup Pregnant, we build up the next generation of female founders and business women by leaning on the strength of each other. 

We can’t do things the way they’ve always been done and expect different results.

Let’s forge a new path of working, parenting, and being. Together.

Pssst—If you’re thinking, “Who me? I’m a fucking disaster—I don’t have my shit together. How can I join a mastermind when I’m barely managing the motherload of parenting and running a business?”—I totally hear you.

On a good day, I feel like there are two dozen balls in the air and someone has tied my hands together with a sock. There’s a lot that needs to change about how we show up to parenting and work, and it’s really hard.

If it were working, we’d all keep doing things the way we’re currently going about it.

But it’s not really working, is it? That’s the thing. I believe we need to lean on each more other to get through the madness. Don’t believe the world that tells you that you need to hustle harder or dig your heels in a little more.

Come be messy, together.

By the way, here’s proof. Here’s a picture of me, with a 3-year old trying to squeeze on my lap while the baby is nursing and simultaneously punching me in the neck. I was attempting to read a little but that got thwarted right away. I was behind on a deadline and I texted my girlfriend to help with a class I was teaching. She helped me brainstorm my outline and it got done. 



You’ve Got Questions

I’ll do my best to answer all of them.

Do you have to be a parent to join?

You do not need to be a parent (or pregnant!) to join us. You should, however, have a desire to think about what it means to raise our future generations and be in the process of figuring out how pregnancy, parenting, or children will play a role in your own life. Want to support other mothers and women in their journeys? You can still join. It’s perfectly fine to join because you want to be around other women who are thinking about these issues along side you.

I’m currently pregnant—is now a good time or should I wait?

In our current mastermind, we’ve birthed two babies and two women got pregnant while we worked together. Pretty cool, right? What I recommend is that you plan to take at least three months away from the community if that’s what you need and what will serve you best. I also find that sometimes people need community at exactly this time in their lives, and so they come back into our slack channel and group to ask those late-night, 4AM panic questions that they need help with, because this digital space is one of the villages we all need.

How many people will be part of the community?

That remains to be seen! I’m building something that I’d like to have become a vibrant, intimate, conference-like feel. Likely not more than 100 people ever, and, since we’re in the early days of building this community, I think we’ll land around 40 people this time. I’m open to it being a more intimate group of about 20 people this time around, and I’ve built it so that it will work really well for 60 people, too. We’ll have cohorts of 8 to 10 people, and this year the groups are named after fruits, because, well, in pregnancy they always say the name of your baby is a fruit. #melons #pears #apples #bananas

Will you be offering scholarships or work-study programs?

Great question. We have a few work-study options for people who want to be a part of the community, but financial cost is a concern. These spaces are available to alumni first, and if there are extra spaces available, we will reach out to those who have applied to let them know we have a spot available. Please indicate on your application that you are interested in being considered for the work-study option.

As for scholarships, watch out during the week of February 18th. We have a fun challenge and competition up our sleeves, and there just might be a scholarship opportunity for one applicant. No promises yet, so if you are interested in joining us or even considering it, get your application in by February 15th, because that is the last day for the early-bird pricing, which is a $600 savings off of the regular tuition price. We like people who act fast and know what they want—but we are also here to support everyone. Price goes up to the regular tuition price of $3400 on February 16th, 2019.

Do you need to be an entrepreneur?

Nope! It’s not a requirement that you identify as a strict entrepreneur. You can be anywhere in your business journey, whether that’s as a leader at a company, or someone building a side hustle along a job you love, or thinking about taking the leap. We have female founders who have been entrepreneurs for years and we also have badass leaders in all sorts of industries who recognize how important it is to be surrounded by other women who are passionate about making great work in the world. In the words of one person who is joining this year, “I know there’s a big move coming for me this year, but I don’t know what it is yet. I want to be able to be around other women while I make these big career moves.”

What are you looking for in a community member?

We’re looking for wise, creative women leveling up in leadership and life. We’re looking for wise, creative women who are passionate about changing what it looks like to do work in this world, whether that’s within an existing company or by starting a new one. If you’re an intra-preneur, or feel entrepreneurial and creative, come join us. We’d love to see you apply.

How much time and access to Sarah will I have?

This is a group program and community, so all of the coaching work will be done in the group coaching format and during our monthly happy hour and hangouts. That’s where I will be, and where you can find me.

If you want to work 1:1 together, there will be an option for community members to go deeper and do an in-depth, 1:1 strategy call with Sarah and do a discovery process with focused, personalized attention to any big issue or question you have. That is an add-on to this program and not part of the community tuition.

That said, Sarah will be in the Slack room for the book club discussions, on the live calls, leading the group hangouts, and facilitating the live, group coaching. You’ll be in the video hot-seat at least once (unless you think that sounds like a terrible idea, and you are more than welcome to just watch), and you’ll be able to submit questions every month for review and insight.

I can’t make the times you posted, but I want to join! Will there be other times made available?

Yes, we’re thinking of adding a bonus coaching time, either live or as a replay. The following times are up potential possibilities for additional group coaching slots: Wednesday at 4pm Eastern, Thursday at 7pm Eastern, Friday at12pm Eastern. A second times slot will be made available if enough people request it—but you need to apply. On the application, you can indicate which additional time you’d prefer on your application.


More Questions?

Email us at and we’ll do our best to answer whatever questions you have!

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