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Come Gather With Parents To Talk — Community Connect

We’re hosting FREE community gatherings for working parents every month. Come gather with other parents and soon-to-be-parents to meet each other and connect. Come as you are, show up in your jammies, with your baby, nursing, hiding in the bathroom, ducking into a car for a meeting—whatever you need to do, by all means. Sounds, noises, messes all welcome.

Recess: 5 Minute Resets For Sanity and Calm — Episode #154

One of the hardest things for me is finding a way back to myself amidst the clawing of children, the demands of home, the projects at work, and the to-do lists piled extra high. You know the days—when doing anything longer than 15 minutes seems impossible. Here’s a free series of short, five-minute guided audio meditations for everyone who wants them. No catch.

Sanity In The Coming Days And Weeks: How Not To Lose Your Mind — Episode #146

The next few days, weeks, and months are going to challenge us—a lot. Actually, the next twelve to eighteen months are going to be quite the ride, but let’s just start here with where we are, today. Having everything suddenly shift and having our lives disrupted this much is a huge deal. How can we process and deal with it? In this episode I go over seven things to keep your mental sanity amidst all of this. Here are a few ideas to hold onto sanity amidst all the volatility.

Coronavirus: A Working Parent’s Prep Guide To Staying Safe and Sane During COVID-19

I’ve been talking a lot with friends and community members about what to do to prepare, whether or not we should be worried, and how best to deal with the coming disruptions that will likely happen to our daily life across both family and business. I wanted to take the time to share what I would do and how I’m preparing for the next three to nine months, especially if you’re pregnant, giving birth, or a parent with small kids at home.

Join Us At Our First-Ever Startup Pregnant Weekend Retreat

Want to join us at the sandy beaches of St Pete’s Beach in Florida? This January, we’re convening our first-ever Startup Pregnant retreat weekend for women entrepreneurs and female founders. If you’ve been craving meeting more business owners and working women navigating parenting and business, read on.

APRIL: Amy Schumer, Women and Doctors, and Being the Expert of Your Body — Episode #107 With Sarah Peck and Cary Fortin

Do you find space to advocate for yourself in medical situations? Sarah + Cary discuss owning your expertise (you ARE the expert of your body), the dangers for women in a world designed for men, motherhood as a pathway for healing, how to reduce traumatic births, and why we are so fired up about our female elected official here in the US and abroad. News, media + podcast recap in a special April preview + highlight episode airing April 1, 2019.


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