Want to join us on a weekend retreat on the sandy beaches of St Pete’s Beach in Florida?

This January, we’re convening our first-ever Startup Pregnant retreat weekend for women entrepreneurs and female founders. If you’ve been craving meeting more business owners and working women navigating parenting and business, read on.

Those of you on the email list and in our private Facebook Group know that we’ve been talking for a while about creating a Startup Pregnant event. Well, after many of you have asked, we’re going to go for it and put together our first weekend event!

There is power and joy in connection. In both entrepreneurship and parenting, it can feel lonely, exhausting, and overwhelming—and now more than ever, women gathering together can truly change the world.

With Startup Pregnant, we want to gather female founders* and boss ladies together to connect, laugh, cry, and spark new ideas while being in the same space. It’s time we take this offline and to a fire pit, a pool, a beach, a dinner table, and more.

*A note about female founders: in this universe, you don’t have to strictly be an entrepreneur; if you’re career-driven, you love your work, and you want to thrive both as a parent and beyond, please join. There’s beauty in the overlaps.

All the details you need about the weekend retreat

Right now we’re keeping it all in a single google file as we build our first event. If you want to know more about the event and how to sign up, please head here to find all the latest up-to-date details, dates, and the itinerary.

Why is this event different?


We will have deep dive sessions focused on you, fire-side chats, and facilitated moments for conversation and connection. There are no speakers or talks. The emphasis is on you, your personal development, and connecting with other like-minded people. Let go of the armor and be real, and dig in. I love creating moments to connect and designing events to allow for richer conversations. You’ll have time to share your story, hear other folks’ stories, and go a little deeper than traditional surface-level networking.


I don’t know if I can convey how brilliant the women are on this email list. It’s one of the best parts of my job—the people who find Startup Pregnant and listen to the podcast and reply to join retreats like this: you all are AH-MAZE-ING.


There is ample buffer space to rest and reflect. The afternoons will be flexible time, so if you need to work remotely, check-in with your team, or want to hang out with your kiddos in between the morning sessions and the dinner sessions, you’re welcome to do that as well. {Please note that Friday will be the fullest day, with both a morning and late afternoon session, but Saturday will be more open.}


Got a new babe you don’t want to leave home? You can bring your baby and your family, if you’d like. There are family-friendly options and suites that have a king bed with a separate, closed room with two bunk beds (and a pull-out couch). Our guidelines will be that the gatherings moments themselves—the reflection sessions and morning work—will be for the grown-ups only, and we ask that you leave kiddos with responsible caregivers while we connect. Pre-crawlers can join for everything. I can send you a detailed itinerary/schedule to help you organize your day if that’s helpful.

Early bird sign-ups are open now through October 30th—if you want to join us, there is a special block rate open for folks if you sign up anytime before October 30th, 2019.

Apply here to join us.