You are the expert of your body and other amazing learnings from our podcast guests.

This week Sarah and guest Cary Fortin break down some of the most powerful takeaways from recent podcast guests and what we’re looking forward to in April. We cover what makes us laugh, cry, and get fired up in a brand-new segment called “In The News.”

  • Episode # 106 with Iman Gatti and how difficult and important it is to be your own advocate in the birthing process and with your health.
  • What it means to internalize that while doctors have extensive and important bodies of knowledge relating to medicine, WE are the experts of our own bodies.
  • Building resilient businesses and what to do when your employees start to get bored, and what we learned from Whitney Johnson in Episode #105.
  • Why planning and designing maternity leave as an entrepreneur is crucial, even if those plans all fall apart, and why businesses and babies are so unpredictable.
  • How raw and honest Vanessa Van Edwards was in Episode #104 and how helpful it was hearing her real-life maternity leave challenges.
  • Why Amy Schumer’s challenging pregnancy is a gift to the world, and which portions of her most recent special “Growing” Cary just couldn’t stop laughing about.
  • How women have been left out of conversations and decisions around designing everyday and life-saving objects and just how harmful it is to all of us.
  • Why we are so grateful, regardless of politics, for all of the incredible women in power around the world. They are giving us all a more diverse, empathetic, powerful set of examples of what leadership can look like.

Join us as we talk about what’s impacting us most, on the podcast and in the news, this month.

The Startup Pregnant Podcast Episode #107

  • “My partner was crying. He was like, ‘You are so amazing. I cannot believe you’re doing this. Look at what you’re doing. You’re bringing our son.’ Oh, my God. It was the best thing ever.” SP
  • “He was like, ‘I don’t know if I’m going to want to watch.’ Me having seen my sisters give birth, I was like, ‘You’re going to want to watch. It is the most mind-exploding, exceptional, extraordinary thing you could ever hope to witness.’”  CF
  • “In telling our birth story over and over again from all these different angles, you can – I don’t know if healing is the right word, but you just start to integrate everything. It is healing, at least for me. Each time you tell a piece of it, you integrate it more fully.”  SP
  • “The freezer needs to be ridiculously full for me to feel satisfied. I am such a food person. It doesn’t feel good to me unless I can’t close it and we have to get out the duct tape to close it.”  SP
  • “It’s not about whether or not it’s “right,” instead it’s about giving our partners and friends the code to what makes us happy.” SP
  • “The key word I have when I think of Startup Pregnant is resilience. I take to heart the idea that we need to build really resilient structures, systems, and teams.”  SP
  • “Amy [Schumer] is talking about how when she’s really sick in her pregnancy, her husband comes up and puts his hand gently on her shoulder and she looks at him and it’s like, ‘Um, excuse me. What do you want? I’m over here and you’re over there and we’re not touching.’”  CF
  • “There’s a story about this bone that has 28 marks on it. The professor goes, ‘This is alleged to be man’s first attempt at a calendar.’ Everyone looks at the bone in admiration. Then the professor goes, ‘Tell me, what man needs to know when 28 days have passed? I suspect this was woman’s first attempt at a calendar.’“  SP
  • “We are just beginning to understand these various archetypes of ‘leader’ because we haven’t gotten to see many women in these positions. From Alexandria to Jacinda, we have so many opportunities for all of our minds to be exploded by what it looks like to have women in power and I’m pumped about that.”  CF

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