How not to lose your mind — ideas for sanity amidst the storm

The next few days, weeks, and months are going to challenge us—a lot. Actually, the next twelve to eighteen months are going to be quite the ride, but let’s just start here with where we are, today. Having everything suddenly shift and having our lives disrupted this much is a huge deal. How can we process and deal with it? In this episode I go over seven things to keep your mental sanity amidst all of this. This is just a starting point; feel free to write your own list, and stay kind, stay compassionate, and stay sane—as much as possible. Thinking about all of you amidst this.

1. Take it one day at a time.

Things are changing a lot, but they will happen one day at a time. Take today and breathe, and make sure you’re doing things for yourself today, right now, too. Take a minute to rest, take a hot bath, let your eyes close at the end of the day. Pay attention to what’s going right.

2. Limit your time on the news.

Staying glued to the television screens or digital devices won’t help. Pick a time to check in—maybe even a few times per day—and then pick times to put your phone down, put your computer away, and to let yourself do something other than pay attention to the news.

Staying informed is important, getting stressed and worked up is not helpful. Things will change every 24 hours, but within those 24 hours, you can set time aside to work, to sleep, to exercise, and to care for yourself. Being on social media or new every moment will add more stress.

3. Keep working.

The world needs you, your work, and your creative energy. Yes, we need to adapt and shift and be flexible. You can do this. Remind yourself that you are brilliant, wise, creative, and strong. Don’t stop working because we’re in crisis; know that each day you’re able to show up means you can help that many more people.

4. Take action.

Taking action helps. Take action for yourself, for your loved ones, and for the people you aren’t yet connected to. The ripple effects are real, and they are important.

5. Focus on what you can do.

Spend time on the areas that you can control, and the part of your world where you can make a difference. Tiny actions, done collectively, make a huge difference for everyone. If all you can do today is drink eight glasses of water and go to sleep, you are helping everyone else by taking care of yourself. Keep going. Drink water!

6. Know that you are resilient and adaptive.

You will find ways through this, and you will tap into a strength you might not have experienced yet. When you fall down or feel frustrated, reach out to a friend. Our power is in our interconnectedness and our strength of spirit. You can do this. Remind yourself that you are brilliant, wise, creative, and strong.

7. There will still be moments of beauty in crisis.

We will witness some of the most beautiful acts of kindness and humanity amidst this. Here for you. We can get through this together.


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