What is coronavirus, and should we be worried about it?

My family is currently working from home and practicing social isolation measures. We’ve been home from school and daycare and work since Thursday, March 12th. In this episode, I’ll walk through why we’re doing this, what the outbreak looks like, and what you can do to prepare.

We all will need to prepare for the coming weeks and the disruptions that are already happening in light of the spread of Coronavirus. In this episode, I’ll share what we’re doing to prepare for Coronavirus, what social distancing is and why it’s important, and a few steps you can take to help not just yourselves, but your community.

Coronavirus: stay calm, stay kind, and be prepared

Now’s the time to take some simple measures to help make this easier on everyone. It will be a disruption, and we can do our best to mitigate the effects if we all act together and quickly. The efforts we need to take are not extreme, but they are important. Let’s do this for each other.

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Coronavirus: an overview of what we are dealing with.