Tiny Habits To Anchor The Day

Every morning lately, I’ve been posting a selfie to my Facebook page and my Instagram page. Right now it feels like going to the coffee shop—I get to pop in, say good morning to people all around the world, check-in with my neighbors and parents and friends, and then start the day.

In any other moment of my life, I would not have said that going on social media first thing would help me be more productive, but right now is not a normal time. So, from my quarantined home in New York City, I’ve found a new way to say hello to people in the morning, and it’s making my day so much better. These tiny habits are anchoring my day and creating a structure that’s incredibly helpful.

In this episode, I’ll share a few more tiny habits I’m using to anchor me throughout this.

Plus, I would love to hear what you are up to! What tiny rituals or habits are getting you through these strange times? Leave a note in the comments.

The Startup Pregnant Podcast — Episode #150