Breaking (Or Building) Our Habits

So you’ve gotten off track and you want to make a change—in your eating habits, your exercise regime, or maybe implementing a daily practice like journaling. Sweeping transformation is rarely effective and beating yourself up for a lack of discipline seldom results in positive change. What CAN you do to shift your habits and get back on the path you want?

In Episode 43, Lily Nichols talked about real food and nutrition, and the conversation reminded me of a strategy I use to shift my eating habits when I’ve strayed from my usual healthy routine. Today, I’m sharing the method I use to get un-stuck when the Dunkin’ Donuts downstairs has become a little too convenient.

I explain how making one small, positive change can shift your mindset and help you slowly shift your habits. Listen in for insight around applying this tactic to other areas of your life and ‘sneaking in the side door’ of positive change.

The Startup Pregnant Podcast Episode #044

Some quotes from the episode

  • “For me, I find that disciplining myself harder into something and trying to enforce and be an authoritarian over my own self just brings out the rebel in me.”
  • “What works for me … is applying, with a heavy dose of kindness, the smallest possible change that you can make that is positive.”
  • “What [making one small, positive change] says to me is, ‘Oh, I can do this, and I am already the kind of person who is making positive change.’”
  • “I’m not trying to run a marathon the first day back, and I’m not trying to hit the gym the first day back, and I’m also not trying to exhaust myself to misery… and instead, I literally walk myself back into it.”
  • “These little, small tiny positive actions have worked so much better for me than trying to make grand, sweeping changes.”
  • “The act of showing up and doing it takes away the first edge, the first hurdle of all the paralysis that comes with having to open a journal.”




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