How I Launched the Mastermind + Lessons Learned

The first pillar of Startup Pregnant involves the podcast interviews I do every week with exceptional women, and if nothing else grew from this venture it would still be MORE than worth it to learn from the conversations we are having around business and parenting. But I recently launched the second pillar (and first paid offering associated with Startup Pregnant), the women’s leadership circle mastermind.

Today, I’m walking you through what it takes to put together a mastermind and explaining why I chose to do it now—in the middle of my second pregnancy. I discuss the lessons I learned about lead time and marketing, discussing exactly how I went about promoting the soft launch. Listen in to understand how building a niche audience served me in finding the right people for the mastermind group and learn why you shouldn’t give up after one launch!

The Startup Pregnant Podcast Episode #068

Some quotes from the episode

  • “We are building content first because I believe so strongly in growing an audience and listening in to your community as important pillars of business-building.”
  • “What is it that you’re building? Who do you serve? What’s the real problem?”
  • “How do you create a business that serves you and a life that serves you? How do you do both?”
  • “How do I slow down? How do I do less and achieve more?”
  • “How do I design something that fits the life I have right now?”
  • “Where does work break down? What can we do to make it better? How can we more deeply serve both our family and our business needs? And if I’m not building a business that allows me to spend time with my family and do the work that I’m called to do, is it really what I actually want to be doing?”
  • “One data point—your first launch—is often not enough data to make declarative decisions about whether or not something is working. It’s only the first step in an exploration.”
  • “Most people … don’t buy something the first time they hear about it.”
  • “People listening to this podcast, learning what we’re about, trusting us, having a relationship to the type of content that we create, and you knowing what I stand for and what I’m about was more important than any sales page.”
  • “The power of niching down to a very specific audience, getting clear on who you serve and what you’re building for them, and then developing a consistent way to talk to people … was probably the most important thing I did for this launch.”



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