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Consistency, Batching, and Productivity: Why I Take An August Sabbatical

A few years ago, when we first had children, my husband talked to his workplace about parental leave. He knew that while he’d like to be home during the first few weeks during and after the birth, he was also interested in being able to be around with his kids while they grew up. So, the summer after our first kid was born, he shifted his schedule to work from 8am to 4pm. From there, he advocated for taking a four-week leave every summer to spend time with his kids. We’re not taking a full sabbatical this year because of the pandemic, but we will still push pause on a few things where we can.

Stuck? Overwhelmed? Getting Out Of A Rut — Episode #156

How do you push the reset button—that ability to feel like you’ve had a fresh cup of coffee, a good night of sleep, and you’re ready to go at work? While we’re all clawing at sanity and sobbing quietly into our fourteenth cup of coffee, it’s really hard to find the capacity to work and keep your head above water right now. Today’s episode is for anyone trying to find a semblance of sanity amidst all of this. If you’re stuck, feeling overwhelmed, feeling like you’re in a rut—here are a few things that are working for me.

Don’t Forget About This When Doing Your Year-End Review

If you ever feel like the work you are doing in your business isn’t “enough,” or you feel down, like you haven’t accomplished enough, first: I see you, I hear you. I’ve felt the same way so often. Here’s why it can seem like business is so slow, and how to widen the lens to account for all the things (ALL THE THINGS) you really do.

What Is a Mastermind and Should You Join One?

One of the hard parts of being an entrepreneur is the psychological weight of being the key decision-maker. Every decision and metric depends on you. Figuring out how to organize your time, stay accountable, and make everything happen without losing your mind is a real challenge. I don’t say this lightly: Not having people to talk to and bounce ideas around with can be one of the hardest parts of starting your own business. For that reason, many entrepreneurs I know turn to mastermind accountability groups to help them stay focused and successful. But what exactly is a mastermind and why are they so important? Here’s what they are, how they’re structured, and how it works.

How to Do a Quarterly Review

I find monthly reviews and annual reviews both to be great processes for my business growth, but there’s something specific to the quarterly cycle that is the perfect time frame. A month goes by too quickly to gather enough data to make decisions, and a year can be far too long. If a year goes by and you haven’t checked on your goals in a while, you may wake up to find you’re way off track from where you want to be. Here’s the exact system I use in my business planning, the questions I use for reflection, and why a quarterly check-in is so powerful.


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