Doing something 100 times—like recording 100 episodes of a podcast—can teach you a lot

It surprised me that we’re here at the hundredth episode. I couldn’t have told you back in the early summer of 2017, when I began to brainstorm the idea for a podcast, that this show would still be here today, week after week. I knew that I wanted to start a conversation around women, motherhood, parenting, and entrepreneurship, and I was slowly learning that I needed to be in conversation with other women.

It happened almost by accident. I thought I was writing a book. I’d sent a book proposal to an agent in New York City, and she was intrigued. “Tell me more,” she said, “I think this concept is really interesting.” I dug in and wrote (and wrote and wrote) but never quite got the book to come together the way I wanted to.

“You know what’s missing,” she said. “We need other women’s voices in the room.”

That was it. That was the missing piece. The conversation around motherhood and parenting and business? It’s not a single-person conversation. Keyword: conversation.

So we started a podcast. A show where we interviewed women who were navigating the double arcs of parenting and business building at the same time. Of course, these lenses are huge, because we interview professionals across so many walks of life (just like you!), and we look at all of the many stories around pregnancy and parenting, from what it looks like to decide whether or not to have children, to struggles with infertility, to the challenges and joys of pregnancy, and so much more.

Today we hit the 100th episode of the podcast and I want to take a few moments to reflect on all that I’ve learned in this journey so far.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How to get started in podcast production, and the many pieces required in audio editing, production, and set-up—and my favorite course instructor if you want to start a podcast as well.
  • The art of asking great questions, and what I do to prepare for each interview, plus my three favorite questions to ask when I want to hear great stories from people.
  • How much time it really takes to produce a show, and how much of my time every week is dedicated to the podcast.
    How we’ve increased our systems and efficiency over time, making it easier to produce through
  • things like batching, systematizing, and creating operations workflows.
  • What I’ve learned from interviewing so many leading thinkers, and how it’s changed the way I think and show up as a result.
  • How much longer we’re going to have this show on the air, and when I estimate we’ll stop producing the podcast and show (and why).

Join me in this celebration episode, and, if you’re a fan of the show, we’d love it if you dropped us some love on social media.

The Startup Pregnant Podcast Special Episode #100

  • The most important thing for our podcast, and for so many businesses, is consistency. Showing up every Monday at 5:30AM is something we will try everything to make sure we do not miss.
  • Consistency is one of the most powerful and yet underrated tools in business.
  • Producing a weekly show is like doing a weekly speaker training course: every episode recorded makes me a little bit better, a little bit more comfortable behind the mic and ideally, on stage.
  • Do the best you can. It’s the doing of the thing (whatever it is) that makes you better.
  • Just keep showing up.
  • Things get more interesting the more questions we ask.

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