Adding Activism to Your Brand

If you don’t use your voice to share your experience, to call out prejudice and promote social justice, are you part of the problem?

Tepsii contends that you are, and she is in the process of rebranding her business to add activism to the platform.

I’m living the ‘learning out loud’ core value today as Tepsii and I get into a dialogue about race and privilege. We talk about the lifetime of work necessary to heal intergenerational patterns tied to self-image—that cannot be resolved in a single mindset session.

Tepsii shares her approach to raising little ones with an awareness of race and class, explaining how the conversations are driven by the children themselves. I ask Tepsii about her experience with microaggressions, and she offers insight around what it feels like to have your culture become the fodder for laughter. Listen in to understand Tepsii’s take on encouraging conversation about race and learn how she is incorporating social justice into her brand as a copywriter and business consultant.

The Startup Pregnant Podcast Episode #036

Some quotes from the episode

  • “Most of the doing good that we can do in the world, we cannot do when we’re broke. You cannot give somebody a glass of water if your well is empty.”
  • “A lot of people think by talking about social justice stuff, you’re making your brand political. But I argue that life is political.”
  • “If I don’t show up as a spiritually maturing person in work for the issues that are going on in the world, then I’m actually contributing to the problems that I see out there.”
  • “I concentrate much more on talking to [my daughters] about their intellect rather than their external beauty.”
  • “Being beautiful isn’t something you accomplish. I want [my girls] to celebrate the things they can actually accomplish.”
  • “I cried for two to three hours after watching that video because it just reminded me of … my being, my traditions, my existence being the kindle of people’s laughter.”
  • “I really don’t feel it’s the collective job of black people to talk about [race].”
  • “We need to seek out the places where we can educate ourselves as people [about racism], take responsibility for our education—that’s first.”


Tepsii is a copywriter and business strategist who helps entrepreneurs create businesses they love. She is the creator of Tepsii’s Online Business School and Write to Profit, a revolutionary DIY copywriting program. Tepsii specializes in sales copy that converts, and clients use her sales pages to generate $100K product and program launches. She is also a passionate advocate for underserved communities, working to integrate activism into her teaching and speaking platforms.



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