Core Value #6: What work looks like today is broken.

The current version of work—the idea that we work in offices, that we work from 9 to 5, that we’re continuously productive throughout the day, at equal measures—there is overwhelming evidence that this isn’t true. Research shows that we aren’t effective in an 8-hour workday.

We’re seeing the results of a broken workplace with the amount of people dropping out, the lack of diversity in the workplace, and more. Work is especially broken for women. And when we layer in parenting, and we try to make all of it fit together, within the paradigm that currently exists, well, what we see is that across the board, it doesn’t fully work.

In this core value, we take the stance that what work looks like today can be wildly improved on. We believe that the future of work can be far better than what we see today.

So, in this project, as part of the work of Startup Pregnant, we’re asking:

  1. Why is work so broken?
  2. What does the future of work look like?

Episode #002 on Work Flexibility with Annie Dean


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