Do you ever struggle with setting boundaries or saying no?

Let’s talk about what to do when people ask you for things that you don’t want to do or you don’t have time to do. How do you handle the influx of requests in your inbox, or the deluge of “pick your brain” requests from family and friends?

Boundaries are something I could talk about for so long, but the first thing I want to do is share my favorite phrase that works everywhere. I’ve got a script that you can use to say no to requests for your time, energy, or attention. Whether it’s family members, business owners, friends, colleagues, or any other unsolicited requests for your time, these magic words will help get you out of almost every situation.

Today’s episode is just about ten minutes long, and it’s all about the two key phrases that you can use to say no. Because it’s important to learn how to say no.

The Startup Pregnant Podcast Episode #142

  • Everyone has too many requests for their time—more than the ability to say yes, so learning how to say no is a skill that we all need to practice.
  • Why we make excuses and how that comes back to bite us, when instead we should just say no in the first place.
  • My favorite phrase EVER and why it helps in so many different situations—aka, how to say no simply and easily (and no one can refute you). You’re going to want to write this one down…
  • Every one of us probably has more requests for our time than things we could actually do.
  • It’s okay to say no because you just don’t want to.
  • Sometimes I think I need to learn the art of saying no from my three year old. He’s such a badass about being expressly clear about what he does—and doesn’t—want to do.
  • You are allowed to want what you want and you are allowed to say no.
  • It’s okay to be disliked—you don’t have to please people, and saying yes doesn’t necessarily mean people will like you better. Be honest and say no when you need to.

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