Some perspective and encouragement

When we do things we’ve never done before, it can be crazy hard. Parenting made me feel overwhelmed, scared, and exhausted—all at the same time.

Today I want to offer a short note of perspective, alongside some encouragement. I know you’re probably in the thick of it, and what you’re doing isn’t easy. Keep going.

For me, whenever I get overwhelmed and bogged down by the magnitude of what I’m trying to do, I try to look back and remember how much I’ve grown already, and how much I’m actually expanding my capacity over time.

Take a listen if you’re in the same boat.

The Startup Pregnant Podcast Episode #143

  • It took me three and a half months to get my first four episodes ready for the podcast. So long! Now I’m doing an episode or two each week. What’s astonishing is how our abilities change after the steep learning curve in the beginning. We really can learn a lot, but the beginning is SO HARD.
  • Your capacity to do what you’re doing will expand with your experience and your growth. You are going to be able to do more than you even thought possible. What’s hard today will become easier and easier over time.
  • If you are in the middle of a challenging learning curve where you’re wondering why you’re doing this and if it’ll ever get better, see if you can step back for a moment and zoom out a little and ask yourself if two years from now you’ll be glad you did it. Will it still be as hard? Will you be grateful you did it?
  • Treat yourself with compassion and be kind to yourself along the journey.
  • When you do the hard work that helps you grow, it can be so, so worth it.

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