Not Your Typical Schedule

Part of the appeal of entrepreneurship is the freedom to set our own schedules. Yet many of us fall into the trap of keeping traditional hours, feeling obligated to fill our days with eight-plus hours of nonstop work.

What if we leaned in to the freedom and flexibility that entrepreneurship affords? What if we took advantage of opportunities to do things for ourselves—outside of both work and parenting? And what if that made us BETTER business owners and moms?

Lean In To Business Freedom

Today, Emylee Williams joins me to explain how she set up a three-day work week that bakes in time for her personal needs. Emylee describes how her schedule evolved and how that evolution was informed by becoming a mom. She also discusses the growth of her business, Think Creative Collective, explaining the benefits of transitioning to a one-to-many model. I ask Emylee about the process of adopting her daughter P., and she shares her fertility challenges and fears around adoption. Listen in for Emylee’s insight on having a biracial family and learn how she is taking advantage of the freedom of entrepreneurship to spend time with her daughter, grow her business, and make time for herself!

The Startup Pregnant Podcast Episode #093

Some quotes from the episode

  • “Creativity needs white space to even exist.”
  • “The one-to-many model … is more sustainable and scalable.”
  • “I did not always know that I wanted to become a mother. In fact, I have absolutely said, ‘I do not want to become a mother.’”
  • “Everyone is surprised, not only that I am a mother, but that I’m a really, really good one. Like, I’m really, good at it.”
  • “It’s so surprising to me, every single day, how good it feels—even on days it’s hard and crazy and ridiculous. Parenting has been really, really enjoyable for me.”
  • “When we got married and I started coming off birth control is when everything started crumbling inside of my body, in my mind, and in my emotional space.”
  • “[The birth mother] could change her mind up until seven days after the birth. So, I did not let out a breath until January 14th.”
  • “I had feared, legitimately, that the bonding process would be hard, that I would feel like I wasn’t ready, like she wasn’t mine, like there was some disconnect. I was very, very obsessive over making that as not-a-thing as possible.”
  • “This is her story, and [my daughter] deserves to know every detail that she wants to know about [her adoption].”
  • “I have tied my self-worth for so long—and continue to battle this—around my weight and my appearance … and come hell or high water, that is not going to be [my daughter’s] life.”
  • “You can’t mess this up. You talk to [your daughter], and you tell her that you love her, and you listen to her every day. As humans, that’s really all we need.”

Emylee Williams is the cofounder of Think Creative Collective, an online education platform that supports creative entrepreneurs in growing their businesses online. TCC’s signature eight-week program, Strategy Academy, teaches passionate creatives how to turn their craft into a sustainable online business. Emylee and TCC cofounder Abagail Pumphrey also collaborate as cohosts of the Strategy Hour Podcast, and their work has been featured in Creative Market, Forbes, and Boss Mom, among many other publications.



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