Want to meet other mamas?

In celebration of our 2019 community mastermind launching this March, we are running a special, free challenge for folks in the Startup Pregnant community to connect with other women and get to know each other. One of our missions here at Startup Pregnant is to connect women, mothers, and entrepreneurs to help make the journey a little less daunting.

Join us and play along on Instagram (or your favorite social network)!

We’ll be hosting a free social media challenge all of next week and we’ll be sharing your answers as a way for you all to meet each other while we do it. Just want to watch? You can do that, too—find us on Instagram as @startuppregnant, where we will be hosting the challenge.

Also, we’ve got a bonus scholarship to award for the people who enter the challenge and share their most creative answers, so if you’ve been wanting to join the Wise Women’s Council and you’re interested in entering into our scholarship competition, read on down below for all the scholarship and challenge details. You can play in the competition alone for fun, or you can enter the scholarship as well—your choice!

The 5-day challenge: play every day!

What is it for? To get to know other members of the community and meet other mamas and soon-to-be business mamas.

Where is it hosted? Watch the Startup Pregnant Instagram channel each day for our challenge question. We will post the challenge question every day at 6AM eastern time on our Instagram channel. We will also share that post on Facebook, in our Facebook Group, and on Twitter.

The challenge questions will include fun and creative prompts for you to share things like:

  • Why is community so important to motherhood?
  • What about parenting has made you better at business?
  • What has parenting taught you about yourself?
  • How do you take care of yourself?
  • What’s your favorite part of business?

These are just example questions, above. The actual challenge questions will be posted live to our Startup Pregnant Instagram channel daily between February 20th and February 25th. Watch our channel for the latest question, and when you see it go live, share your answer to the question on any social media channel of your own. Tag us @startuppregnant and use the hashtag #wisewomenscouncil for us to see your post!

Meet other mamas. Follow the hashtag #wisewomenscouncil and see who else is playing, so you can follow them, meet other female founders, and women business owners.

Get featured on our Startup Pregnant Instagram channel. We’ll be reviewing the stories daily and sharing them on our Instagram page—we will feature you and share the creative, playful, and awesome answers with our community.

Wednesday, February 20th: The Challenge begins!

  • Wednesday, February 20th, 6AM Eastern: Challenge #1 released.
  • Thursday, February 21st, 6AM Eastern: Challenge #2 released.
  • Friday, February 22nd, 6AM Eastern: Challenge #3 released.
  • Saturday, February 23rd, 6AM Eastern: Challenge #4 released.
  • Sunday, February 24th, 6AM Eastern: Challenge #5 released.

Challenge closes on Sunday, February 24th at midnight eastern time.

The scholarship competition: win a space in our 2019 community mastermind by competing in the challenge!

Want to win a scholarship spot to our 2019 community mastermind? One lucky winner will be awarded a 50% scholarship off of the regular price of The Wise Women’s Council, and two runner-up winners will receive a 25% scholarship off of the regular price of The Wise Women’s Council.

Don’t know what The Wise Women’s Council is? Click the link to read through the full program details about our nine-month community mastermind program, but first bookmark this page and come back to this page stat so you can enter the contest to win a scholarship! Full rules and details are below.

To be considered in the scholarship competition:

  • You must fill out a complete application to the Wise Women’s Council by February 25th, 2019. Social media entries without an application will not be considered.
  • Between February 20th and February 25th, post on social media the answers to any (or all) of the five challenge questions. Tag @startuppregnant and use the hashtag #wisewomenscouncil for your entry to be counted!
  • You can enter the contest every day, once per social media channel. You can post to  Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook. For every post you create, you will have another entry into the competition to win. (Limited to 3 entries per day, one per social media channel).
  • Winners will be judged based on creativity of their social media posts, quality of the application, overall number of social media posts, and scholarship need..

How we will pick and notify the winners

We will be monitoring all of the social media channels. Entries that tag @startuppregnant and use the hashtag #wisewomenscouncil will be counted. Scholarship prizes will be awarded based on creativity of social media posts, quality of the application, and scholarship need. Winners will be notified by Wednesday, February 27th. You must be or identify as a woman to enter the contest.

Some rules and other fine print:

No purchase required to enter. The regular price of the 2019 community mastermind is $3400.  The full value of the 50% scholarship is $1750 off of the regular program price, and the program fee for the 50% scholarship winner will be $1750. The full value of the 25% scholarship is $850 off of the regular program price, and the program fee for the 25% scholarship winner will be $2550.

Good luck!

Have fun with this, join in on the challenge even if you’re still on the fence. I look forward to seeing everyone’s creative applications and social media entries. Let’s get out there and meet other mamas!

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