The Startup Pregnant Philosophy: Core Value #1: “In My Experience.”

In this special mini-series, we’re looking at the 10 Core Values of the Startup Pregnant Philosophy. These are the values that underscore everything we do, how we do it, and even how we design our interviews! Over the next ten days, we’ll be releasing short 10-minute episodes looking at each of the core values of our philosophy.

In today’s episode, we unpack the first core value:

#1: “We speak first using the words ‘in my experience.’

Listen in to hear why these three words are critical for any conversation, and why we can’t strive for “one perfect woman” archetype to be. There are multiple stories of what it looks like to be a parent and to be an entrepreneur, and there isn’t one size that fits everyone. The first principle or philosophy guides us and reminds us of this.

In this vein, we take a generous stance. What works for one situation might not work for all situations. It can be a challenge in our human ways of understanding to operate from this place of “multiple perspectives.” Cognitive dissonance works against us, telling us that our past decisions must be ‘right’ and to defend against other choices that people make as ‘wrong,’ if they violate what we would have chosen. The wisdom calling is to see how different decisions can be right for people at different times.

The 10×10 contest!

From November 13th — November 30th, 2017, we’re having a contest! Head over here to read the full rules and prizes. To enter, listen in to any one of the 10×10 episodes featuring our 10 Core Values, and respond to the question shared in the podcast episode. Share your response like this:

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