Entrepreneurship, motherhood, and figuring it all out

What does it take to be a parent and an entrepreneur in today’s work world? It takes a lot—and it takes a village. Today I talk about the Wise Women’s Council, our nine-month mastermind program for women who are navigating business and parenting. Applications are now open, and they’ll be open until February 25th. But don’t wait until the last minute—there is an incentive for all the people who apply early with a fairly significant early-bird discount. Find out all the details about the program and how to apply at www.startuppregnant.com/wwc

In today’s episode, I share all about the Wise Women’s Council, including:

  • The story behind why the program started, and why it’s so important to be in community with other women.
  • What we built with the program, and why community gatherings are so important for our lives and careers.
  • Specific program elements, like our monthly happy-hour hang, the monthly coaching live call, and our private slack channel.
  • Why we changed the name of the program from “Mastermind” to “Wise Women’s Council.”
  • The book club (one per month!) and who we get to have in our minds alongside us in the journey.
  • The monthly themes and how they will inspire each of us to go deeper as a starting point for our own personal journeys and inquiries.

The Startup Pregnant Podcast Episode #098

Some quotes from the episode:

  • You’re not crazy. You shouldn’t be doing this alone.
  • Why is this so hard? Well, the answer is that we can’t do it alone. None of this—parenting, business, life, friendship, health—it’s not happening in a vacuum.
  • As mothers, we need to be careful to refuel ourselves. We have so many people relying on us for support, but we will get into a deficit if we don’t find our tribe and our own support communities.
  • It is so critical to have community in our lives. We can’t just forge forward and try to do more on our own, pretending that entrepreneurship and motherhood is possible by simply putting in more energy or hours. That’s not the path forward.
  • Mothers are these keystones in our communities and families, but we have far too little in the way of support for mothers themselves.

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