Potty Training In A Pandemic? My Incomplete Notes (From Memory) — Episode #157

by May 18, 2020Madness and Mayhem, Podcast, Toddlers

My friend has an almost-two-year old and she asked me “So when do I need to think about potty training?”

Yeah, as though you needed anything else to consider in the pandemic. Well, I took a few minutes to brain dump everything I remembered about potty training in a quick dash Voxer message to her, all while doing dishes and cleaning up the boys’ room in our house. We both thought that these might be useful memos for you, especially if you happen to be in a similar situation.

Consider this an unofficial, scrappy overview of Potty Training that will help you do a good enough job … for now. The best thing I can recommend is to read the Oh, Crap Potty Training book (it was relatively painless to read and well organized and laid out) and then… take it slower than anyone else says it should take because it’s really all about your kid and getting to know them and their potty (and learning) styles.

My favorite part about the potty training experience was that you really have a chance to get to know your kid and understand how they learn and process. But it’s tough!

Here’s what I learned and what I remember about potty training.

The Startup Pregnant Podcast — Episode #157

Sarah K Peck

Founder, Startup Parent

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