Morning Routines

There is a lot of noise on the interwebs around creating the perfect morning routine.

But here’s the thing about being a parent: There is no such thing as ‘routine.’ The demands placed on you by the tiny human in your life are ever-changing, and every morning looks vastly different from the one before.

I was interviewed for a book called My Morning Routine, and in it, I share my morning workout routine. The one I had before I became a mother. So, what do my mornings look like now? Is there even a way to establish some kind of routine in the mornings with a toddler running around?

Today, I’m discussing how I navigate the first few hours of every day now that I’m a parent. I share my recent epiphany around crafting a seasonal morning routine to fit what life looks like right now and offer insight on carving out time to write—in less-than-ideal circumstances. Listen in to find out how my husband and I divide parenting responsibilities, affording each other 30 minutes here and there to recharge, and learn how to design a morning routine that works for you this month, this week, or maybe just for today.

The Startup Pregnant Podcast Episode #066

Some quotes from the episode

  • “What’s wild to me and what has been such an interesting transition is the process of becoming a parent and realizing how much of your morning is dedicated to waking and feeding and nursing and helping and diaper changing and corralling and coaxing and changing again and again and playing with small children—and how much that has been a shift and a disruption in my life.”
  • “One of my favorite things to do is to sit … with a cup of tea and just hang out with this person and watch them explore the world.”
  • “The other day I had this epiphany … that I could craft a morning routine for the current season.”
  • “Just for the next few weeks, I decided, I’m going to do a morning routine for right now, and there was something so liberating and freeing about that framework.”
  • “There’s something generous and gentle about picking just right now, just for a moment I’m going to do this thing that takes care of myself that I enjoy doing.”
  • “You don’t actually need a tremendous amount of time to recalibrate and reset. It’s the nonstop brutality … the relentlessness of a small child, the 24/7, 365 days a year that can be really wearing.”
  • “Feel free to laugh at the words ‘morning routine.’”
  • “A generous and gentle way to apply [the morning routine] to our own lives is to just put it in for a day or a week or a month at a time.”



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