Building Your Mental Health Toolkit

Life is an emotional roller coaster, and resilience is about handling the ups and downs without being swept away. Pregnancy and parenting present a brand-new set of challenges, and it’s incredibly valuable to have a mental health toolkit that equips you to navigate the sometimes-bumpy ride.

Today, I’m sharing the five resources in my own mental health toolkit, discussing how these restorative practices recharge my batteries and keep me a little closer to sanity despite the stress and sleep deprivation associated with being a new mom. I explain the unparalleled value I find in therapy and the idea of using medication as one tool in your kit should that become necessary. Listen in for ideas on how to build your own robust toolkit for emotional resilience as you take on the demanding role of mompreneur!

The Startup Pregnant Podcast Episode #064

Some quotes from the episode 

  • “I need a whole robust set of tools in order to keep myself … on the edge of mental sanity—closer to the sane side than the insane side, closer to the happy side than the crazy side.”
  • “If wine is the only thing I’m using as a coping mechanism for getting through my day or my week, if it looks like my toolkit has become a one-tool kit and there’s only one thing I’m using to help me cope, then I know that it’s not actually a resilience system. It’s not going to support me in the long run.”
  • “When it comes to mental health, I love the idea of having … different tools you can pull out and practicing and using them regularly to stay in shape.”
  • “The privilege of having [a therapist] who looks at the way that you think, who listens to you objectively and without judgement, who is there for your during the uncomfortable times, who is able to see patterns that you can’t see, somebody who can make it their practice to study you … I just think this work is unparalleled.”
  • “There are times when it can be so incredibly helpful to have the support—in your toolkit—of a medication that helps.”
  • “Mama, take care of yourself.”
  • “When it comes to mental health, this toolkit of all the things is so important.”



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