Making Friends: A Few Helpful Strategies

Sure, you know a LOT of people. But how many of those people do you consider true friends? Who would you really feel comfortable calling on in a crisis?

Maintaining meaningful friendships as adults can be a challenge, especially if you move to a new city or change jobs, but you can take a proactive approach, seeking out new people you connect with on a personal level. Yes, it takes work and commitment, but the benefits far outweigh the initial discomfort of putting yourself out there.

Today, I’m sharing a few helpful strategies around making friends as an adult. I offer advice on setting an intention and going to the places where likeminded people hang out. I also discuss the value in showing up by yourself, casting a wide net, and taking a chance on a new friend. Listen in for insight on starting your own groups and learn why I say YES when people offer to help!

The Startup Pregnant Podcast Episode #084

Some quotes from the episode

  • “[Friendship] can take work and commitment. It is far easier to not show up.”
  • “What do people like you like to do?”
  • “Sometimes I’m in seasons of expansion where I want to go out and meet a lot of new people and talk and explore. And then other times, I’m in periods of focus and contraction where I don’t really want to meet any new people. I just want to be in the zone where I am focused on the project I’m working on and deepening the relationships with people that are already in my life.”
  • “Cast the net wide and remember not to take it too personally.”
  • “Take a chance on a new friend.”
  • “Take the power back into your own life and heart—and know that you can start the group that you need. Form your own.”
  • “Say YES when people offer help.”
  • “Prioritize friendship.”



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