Let’s Talk: A New Podcast With Sarah K Peck — Episode #155: An Announcement

by May 15, 2020Podcast

We’ve got a brand new show!

So, you know when you’re watching your favorite TV show, and you realize that the side-story of the show is quickly becoming it’s own plot? That is happening to me right now, and after spending the last ten weeks podcasting from my stay-at-home orders in New York City, I realized that I may accidentally be starting a new podcast. One I’d love to introduce you to.

Let’s Talk: with Sarah K Peck

Let’s Talk with Sarah K Peck is a brand-new spinoff podcast with short, 5-10 minute conversations about philosophy, psychology, and practical notes on life around us. If you’re curious or want to take a listen, search for it wherever you listen to podcasts and you’ll find it on Apple, Google, Overcast, Spotify, and more.

The Startup Pregnant Podcast will carry on, and we’ll be focused on bringing you more voices and ideas from parents all over who are dealing with work, children, pregnancy, and leadership.

Thanks, as always, for being listeners of the podcast and being on this journey together.


Consistency, Batching, and Productivity: Why I Take An August Sabbatical

Consistency, Batching, and Productivity: Why I Take An August Sabbatical

A few years ago, when we first had children, my husband talked to his workplace about parental leave. He knew that while he’d like to be home during the first few weeks during and after the birth, he was also interested in being able to be around with his kids while they grew up. So, the summer after our first kid was born, he shifted his schedule to work from 8am to 4pm. From there, he advocated for taking a four-week leave every summer to spend time with his kids. We’re not taking a full sabbatical this year because of the pandemic, but we will still push pause on a few things where we can.

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The 6 Easy Steps I Use To Get Writing Done With Children Around—It’s So Simple And Easy!

The 6 Easy Steps I Use To Get Writing Done With Children Around—It’s So Simple And Easy!

Begin writing a post that says “Working parents are not okay.”‘ Delete sentences because no one is okay. There isn’t really a comparison game to be played here. Call your friend and realize that you’re having trouble stringing words together. Hang up the telephone because both of your children and pushing buttons on the phone and you can’t actually have a real conversation while children and buttons are in close proximity. What was it that they said? “Opening my computer is like a pavlovian response for my child.” Yeah, that.

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Sarah K Peck

Founder, Startup Pregnant

Sarah Peck is a writer, startup advisor, and yoga teacher based in New York City. She’s the founder and executive director of Startup Pregnant, a media company documenting the stories of women’s leadership across work and family. She hosts the weekly Startup Pregnant Podcast and Let's Talk, her second podcast. Previously, she worked at Y Combinator backed One Month, Inc, a company that teaches people to code in 30 days, and before that she was a writing and communications consultant.

She’s a 20-time All-American swimmer who successfully swam the Escape from Alcatraz nine separate times, once wearing only a swim cap and goggles to raise $33k for charity: water. She’s written for more than 75 different web publications and and has delivered speeches and workshops at Penn, UVA, Berkeley, Harvard, Craft & Commerce, WDS, and more.