Honoring Mother’s Day

On the heels of Mother’s Day, I’d like to take a moment to honor the profound experience that is parenting—the unparalleled demands on your time, the general nonstop-ness of it all. Being a mom is overwhelming in the best way, and it qualifies as one of the biggest and messiest and strangest things I have ever done.

So many women—and men—deserve recognition on Mother’s Day, and today I am celebrating all of the people who love and nurture our children. Listen in as I offer my gratitude to everyone who shares in the responsibility of providing for growing humans and acknowledge the women who cannot have children or choose not to.

Parenting is life changing-ly difficult, so to those of you who are dedicating the time to grow, to raise, to provide for a new life: Thank you.

The Startup Pregnant Podcast Episode #056 

Some quotes from the episode

  • “Mother’s Day is a day we celebrate the millions of hours of work that parents, especially women—so much by women—all of those hours of work that it takes to take care of, to grow, to raise, to provide for, to nurture a new life.”
  • “Being a parent is one of the biggest and messiest and strangest things that I have done—and I have done a lot of different things.”
  • “The unparalleled demand on your time, the constant nonstop-ness of it all—it’s overwhelming, and it’s something that forces me to reexamine so much of myself on the regular.”
  • “To all the single moms doing this alone: Holy Moly, I salute you.”
  • “There isn’t an open and honest conversation about how lifechanging-ly hard [parenting] is and how this might not be right for everyone. It might not be possible.”
  • “Taking care of people and nourishing others is not a women-only trait, it is a thread that lies within humanity.”
  • “Here is to the powerful process of life and death and to the absolutely nutty and crazy journey that is trying to help raise another human being.”



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