It’s almost the midpoint of the quarter and I want to check in with progress notes.

My goal this Fall has been to step back from the weekly recording to gain enough space and clarity to do some of the writing projects that have been on the back burner. It turns out “doing all the things” isn’t a useful plan or viable option when you’re a parent and a business owner. If you want to hear more about how I made the decision to take a temporary break, check out Episode #127: Pivot or Pause, and Episode #129 where I share the first update on my writing progress.

What’s the big-picture goal? I want to write, publish, and ship the first draft of some of our minibooks in our collection. I’ve had ideas burning a hole in my pocket for ages and it’s time to take them out of my head and put them onto the page.

The good news? We shipped the next MiniBook!

Over the last three weeks I’ve been focused on creating a MiniBook called The Pregnancy Reading List: Short, Sweet Summaries of All The Books So You Can Take All The Naps.

I’ve read probably at least 100 books on motherhood, parenting, pregnancy, fertility, women’s health, wellness, and postpartum care. And I get this question a ton from all over—’Hey, what’s the best pregnancy book for my friend?’—or “Do you have any favorite parenting books?”—I mean, gosh do I have a few favorites. But I also know how overwhelming it is. Many of these books can be massive—900 pages!—and it can seem like a second college degree just to read all of these books.

The book is now available on our website. If you go to, you’ll see the books we’re working on, and you’ll see that The Pregnancy Reading List is available right now. It comes in PDF, mobi, epub, and web format, so you can read it on your e-reader, Kindle, on any website, or download it as a PDF.

Also, when you buy a copy of the book, you also get free access to all of the future versions of the book—every time I update the book, add more summaries or notes, or edit it, you get a free download of the latest version.

The Startup Pregnant Podcast Episode #130

  • How many hours it took to write the book, and the process of organization I used.
  • The hardest part of organizing a reading primer and reading list, and why I wanted to account for multiple points of view.
  • What’s next on the project queue and where I’m going next!

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