Differences Of Opinion

Put two people in a room together for any length of time, and you’re going to encounter differences of opinion. Engage in any partnership—business, personal or parent-child—and differing experiences will eventually manifest a misalignment of wants and needs.

My husband and I encountered one such misalignment around checking in via text message during the workday: I’m a fan. It doesn’t cross his mind. Neither of us is right or wrong, here. We’re just different. The question becomes, is there a creative way to make us both happy?

Today, I’m sharing this case study in differences of opinion, describing the brilliant solution my husband conceived to address both our needs. I also discuss the value of getting clear on what you want and owning it rather than apologizing for it. Listen in for my five tenets of problem-solving and learn how to find creative solutions that provide the most happiness and satisfaction for everyone involved.

The Startup Pregnant Podcast Episode #058

Some quotes from the episode

  • “Anytime you put two or more humans into a space together, you can guarantee that there will be differences of opinion.”
  • “The first thing [my husband and I] had to do was just realize that our experiences were different and our wants and needs were different. And that there wasn’t a right or a wrong, this just is what is.
  • “Something I love doing … is getting really clear on what it is that you want and what makes you happy and sharing it—and not judging yourself for it.”
  • “What is the thing that we can do to make everyone the most happy in this situation?”
  • “Needs and wants are REAL.”
  • “Each person is allowed to feel what they feel no matter how strange, no matter how quirky.”
  • “One person is not more or less right than the other.”
  • “Are there creative solutions to this problem that we’re not yet thinking of?”



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