Plans are important. And things rarely go according to plan.

In life, making plans is great. We love plans and goals and ideas and visions. And we also know that more often than not, things don’t always go according to plan. So we act in the present, with the information we have, staying resilient and agile, understanding that the process is as important as the outcome. The ability to show up and be messy with it, as things are changing, is a skill we value.

A wise doula told me that in preparing for birth, she encourages women to consider the range of birth experiences and possibilities. In this way, designating “preferences” instead of a “plan,” we would be able to plan for something that was, effectively, unplannable. It’s so easy to get tied up in a vision or a plan for what we want to happen, and how we want things to go. The challenge here, however, is to learn how to roll with life as it actually is, and not how we think it should be.

Babies are the ultimate plan-changers! Inviting a human into your life is inviting chaos in. They have their own ideas and what happens is often different than what we planned or expected.

Slowly, parenting and pregnancy (and life) teach us that we don’t have control over everything.

And just like with babies, there’s no right or perfect time to start the business. There’s also no perfect time to have kids. Letting go of the ideal “perfect moment” is a useful idea. Because if you wait for the perfect moment, you’re just waiting.


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