Life is not all hard labor, and it’s not an all-out hustle sprint.

In pregnancy, there are distinct phases and changes, with deep periods of fatigue, moments of sickness, periods of high energy and excitement, and everything in between.

When the days come when you’re set to deliver, the periods of labor and delivery represent an intense period of work for the mother birthing the child; and immediately afterwards, there’s a need for intense rest and recovery and adaptation to a new normal. The cycles and seasons of life come in rhythms and there isn’t one mode to dominate all of them.

Therefore, at Startup Pregnant, we don’t believe in the perpetual chase of “hustling harder.”

There are certainly times for intense work!

But not ALL the time as the default paradigm. Instead, we champion matching your energy and season with the work ahead of you, experimenting with new ways of showing up in parenting and work, and in bringing ideas of flexibility to the forefront of the conversation of what work can look like.


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