Patreon Backers: Contact Form

Thank you so much for becoming a Patreon backer and supporter! If you’ve reached this page by mistake and want to become a sponsor, head to our Patreon Page to become a backer now. For all of our paid sponsors and backers, please use the form to contact us to collect your rewards!

We will cross-check each reward recipient with our Patreon data (not that we expect people to mis-use this form, but we will be cross-checking so we can keep accurate records). It takes about 7 days to hear a response from us, mostly because we’re in the studio recording shows 3 days a week, and answering our messages the other 2 days. Please give us 7 business days to respond, and we will get you your prizes, rewards, and all the info you need!

Thank you again for being one of our primary backers. It means a lot to us in building this work.