About the Book

Congratulations! If you just found out that you’re pregnant, you’re probably overwhelmed by all there is to suddenly read, learn, and figure out. There are wayyyy too many books to read on pregnancy and parenting—and the challenge is that when you’re pregnant, you have no time and what feels like negative amounts of energy. Where should you start, and what should you read? And why does it seem like each book is a massive textbook that you need to inhale and learn ASAP?

Well, good news: you’ve got a book nerd in your corner. I love geeking out, reading books, and taking notes on them. If you’re a busy parent, or newly pregnant, I’ve written out short summaries of my favorite books with key highlights and takeaways, so you can read over my shoulder. Rather than reading thirty or forty parenting books, you can just start by reading this one book. I know how busy you are and how much is on your plate. I’ve been there. This book is for you. This book is short—less than half the length of a normal book—and designed to be a quick read, and easy to skim.

Inside this book, you’ll get:

  • Our clear point of view on how we approach pregnancy and parenting, and why we need LOTS of styles, not one dogmatic paradigm.
  • 50+ book summaries and snippets and our high-level approach to analyzing which book is for you (and which to skip).
  • Helpful tips on how to pick your parenting philosophy (and why it may evolve over time).
  • The four major things you need to know for the first year with your baby, and how to think about each one.
  • The books that helped me the most in getting it together and going back to work.
  • Bonus book lists for memoirs and novels that will make you laugh when sh*t is crazy hard and you just need a chuckle (otherwise you’ll go insane).

This book is great for you if you’re starting out on your pregnancy journey, if you feel stressed and overwhelmed, if you wish you had someone to give you a summary of all the books, or if you’re a spouse/co-parent/grandparent that wants to catch up on all the books and feel more informed without spinning down a reading list of 60+ books that you don’t have time to read.