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Two Attorneys, Two Kids, And Pregnant In A Pandemic — Episode #158 with Caitlin Boland Aarab

You all have been asking to hear how other moms and small business owners are navigating the pandemic right now. I’ve been interviewing working parents about how they’ve been affected by the pandemic. Today we take a look at Caitlin Boland Aarab: she and her husband are both attorneys, and they own their own law firm in Great Falls, Montana. They have two kids at home and she’s pregnant with their third kid. When everything shut down, the kids were sent home from school—but the courts weren’t closed. Work was still in session.

Potty Training In A Pandemic? My Incomplete Notes (From Memory) — Episode #157

My friend has an almost-two-year old and she asked me “So when do I need to think about potty training?” Yeah, as though you needed anything else to consider in the pandemic. Well, I took a few minutes to brain dump everything I remembered about potty training in a quick dash Voxer message to her, all while doing dishes and cleaning up the boys’ room in our house. We both thought that these might be useful memos for you, especially if you happen to be in a similar situation. Consider this an unofficial, scrappy overview of Potty Training that will help you do a good enough job … for now.

Recess: 5 Minute Resets For Sanity and Calm — Episode #154

One of the hardest things for me is finding a way back to myself amidst the clawing of children, the demands of home, the projects at work, and the to-do lists piled extra high. You know the days—when doing anything longer than 15 minutes seems impossible. Here’s a free series of short, five-minute guided audio meditations for everyone who wants them. No catch.

Stuck? Overwhelmed? Getting Out Of A Rut — Episode #156

How do you push the reset button—that ability to feel like you’ve had a fresh cup of coffee, a good night of sleep, and you’re ready to go at work? While we’re all clawing at sanity and sobbing quietly into our fourteenth cup of coffee, it’s really hard to find the capacity to work and keep your head above water right now. Today’s episode is for anyone trying to find a semblance of sanity amidst all of this. If you’re stuck, feeling overwhelmed, feeling like you’re in a rut—here are a few things that are working for me.

Let’s Talk: A New Podcast With Sarah K Peck — Episode #155: An Announcement

So, you know when you’re watching your favorite TV show, and you realize that the side-story of the show is quickly becoming it’s own plot? That is happening to me right now, and after spending the last ten weeks podcasting from my stay-at-home orders in New York City, I realized that I may accidentally be starting a new podcast. One I’d love to introduce you to. Here’s a brand-new podcast that I hope you’ll join me on.

ASK SARAH #8: Side Hustles, Personal Branding, Exercise After Pregnancy

Should you start a business on the side while you’re employed full-time? What are the risks and complications—and are you obligated to let your employer know? This is a tricky question, and a lot depends state to state. I dig into the things you should know about corporate contracts, employment agreements, inventions and assignments agreements, and why getting a lawyer to look at your contracts is a really smart investment (and shouldn’t cost you more than a few hundred dollars).

A Day In The Life: Two Parents, Two Kids, One NYC Apartment — Episode #153

Want to know how we’re breaking down our workdays and figuring out our schedules? I break down the exact schedules I’m using with my partner, who works when (and why), and how much work we’re really able to get done. (Hint: not a ton.) Also, I’ll share my thoughts on equality in partnerships, why specificity is so important, and why my business is able to handle seasonal fluctuations right now, which is keeping us afloat.

Morning Routine In A Pandemic — Episode #152

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding it mighty hard to even get started in the morning. I know these last episodes have all been about finding patterns and rituals amidst the madness, and it’s for a reason—finding my new normal (or a sense of it) is all I feel like I can do right now.

ASK SARAH #7: Parenting And Healthier Habits (The Apple Philosophy)

How do you make space for healthier habits when you’re exhausted by family and work? That’s the question I got asked in The Wise Women’s Council this month, and that I’m tackling on this episode of the Ask Sarah Podcast (our premium, private podcast for Patreon backers and WWC members—you can get access for $7/month). “I have a limited amount of discipline and willpower and I’m spending it all on my family and business. How do I keep some for myself in order to make healthier choices and feel better physically?

Catch Your Breath: Taking A Minute To Breathe Together — Episode #147

If you’re feeling heightened levels of stress, anxiety, or worry, this episode is for you. I’ve recorded a short breathing practice that can help calm anxiety and reduce stress even if you only have a couple of minutes. These are unprecedented times and while this won’t solve everything, this might give you a moment of reprieve if you’re feeling the heaviness of everything right now.

Sanity In The Coming Days And Weeks: How Not To Lose Your Mind — Episode #146

The next few days, weeks, and months are going to challenge us—a lot. Actually, the next twelve to eighteen months are going to be quite the ride, but let’s just start here with where we are, today. Having everything suddenly shift and having our lives disrupted this much is a huge deal. How can we process and deal with it? In this episode I go over seven things to keep your mental sanity amidst all of this. Here are a few ideas to hold onto sanity amidst all the volatility.

Should You Take That Online Course? How To Sign Up For The Right Courses (And Get Your Money’s Worth) — Episode #144

When it comes to online courses, it seems that we can learn anything these days through the power of the internet. But what courses should you take, and what do you do if you suffer buyer’s remorse? Here’s how I think about what to learn, when to invest in a course, and when to skip it. Also, my two cents on why it’s okay to only do a fraction of the course curriculum. If you learned what you came for, you got what you needed!

Open House Q/A Call: A Replay Of Our Facebook Live Event — Episode #141

Last week, we hosted an Open House in our Facebook Group all about the upcoming Wise Women’s Council. I was joined by Michelle Florendo, one of our coaches for this year’s group of women. We chat about The Wise Women’s Council, the impact it has, the reason she joined for two years in a row (and why she’s back for a third). Together, we answered common questions people have about the program and the process. 

Building Masterminds and Facilitating Communities: An Inside Look At How I Design Them — Episode #140

What does it take to nurture and grow community? In this episode of the podcast, I share what I’ve learned about building communities, growing them, and designing online gathering places in a deliberate way. Not everything is as easy as it appears—getting the nuances of timing, logistics, and people right can take a lot of iterations before it comes together. Here’s what I’ve learned about facilitation, group programs, and creating a deliberate space and practices that allow people to come together in community.

ASK SARAH #5: Becoming A Better Listener

A listener reached out with a question that was so thoughtful—and I am so excited to answer it: “How did you become a better listener, and were there certain tools, programs, or books you used to study the art of listening?” In this episode of our new podcast, Ask Sarah, I share the process I’ve used to listen more deeply. I also unpack the exact structure I use on my podcast and why the framework I use sets the stage for great conversations.


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