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Want To See The 2020 Bonuses For The Wise Women’s Council?

Every year, we invite a cohort of business women and entrepreneurs into our annual community to gather, create, connect, and support each other. In addition to the program, we also put together a bonus package for everyone who joins us. I’m thrilled to announce the following bonuses as part of the program this year—they’re even better than last year. Check these out!

ASK SARAH #4: Designing And Facilitating Groups, Masterminds, and Communities

What does it take to build, run, and facilitate a group program? In this episode, I dig into how the Wise Women’s Council is put together and my personal experiences in designing and facilitating groups, masterminds, and communities. The Wise Women’s Council is my sixth run at a mastermind. In this AMA episode, I answer how I planned out the group’s structure, created goals, figured out what works for me (and what I hope works for you) and how we can get better at creating other mastermind groups over time.

ASK SARAH: A New Podcast For Patreon Backers

Want to ask me anything? We have a new podcast for that. Ask Sarah: The Podcast is a place for you to ask anything you’d like—about your life, my life, business, parenting, or whatever is on your mind. To listen to these full-length Q/A episodes and get your own access to Ask Sarah: The Podcast, read on. This is a private bonus podcast for podcast supporters that we record every month.

Join Us At Our First-Ever Startup Pregnant Weekend Retreat

Want to join us at the sandy beaches of St Pete’s Beach in Florida? This January, we’re convening our first-ever Startup Pregnant retreat weekend for women entrepreneurs and female founders. If you’ve been craving meeting more business owners and working women navigating parenting and business, read on.

APRIL: Amy Schumer, Women and Doctors, and Being the Expert of Your Body — Episode #107 With Sarah Peck and Cary Fortin

Do you find space to advocate for yourself in medical situations? Sarah + Cary discuss owning your expertise (you ARE the expert of your body), the dangers for women in a world designed for men, motherhood as a pathway for healing, how to reduce traumatic births, and why we are so fired up about our female elected official here in the US and abroad. News, media + podcast recap in a special April preview + highlight episode airing April 1, 2019.

Celebrating Rest, Leisure, and Laziness

This letter is as much a note to myself as to all of you: taking time to nap, to rest, to say no, and to cross things off your to-do list without doing them (or destroying the to-do list altogether!) is about as badass as you can get in a world that glorifies overwork and overdoing.

The Learning Curve

The first time I tried to navigate a stroller into a coffee shop, I was at the wrong coffee shop. I say that because the coffee shop had a step in front of it, and everyone looked like they thought I was evil to have a stroller with me. Also, I had no idea what I was doing. Needless to say, it didn’t go that well.

Looking For New Shows? Two Recommendations You Might Love

If you want to listen to some behind-the-scenes stories of what it’s taken to build Startup Pregnant, enjoy these two shows where we talk about what its taken to build the company so far, how we launched the podcast, and what strategies we used to spread our message.

Why We’re Bad at Predicting How Parenthood Feels

Often we choose not to do something because of how we think we’ll feel about it. But it turns out we’re not that great at understanding how something will actually feel—because we can’t account for how we, ourselves, will change in the process. Today we interview father of three kids under four, Mathias Jakobsen, the founder of Think Clearly, about his journey into parenting.

Why We Can’t Keep Having “Best of Entrepreneur” Lists That Are Overwhelmingly Male

What do entrepreneurs actually look like? Entrepreneurs are a rich mix of women, people of color, old, young, and more — yet round-up lists perpetuate the idea that an “Entrepreneur” is defined solely as an ambitious white male. In fact, the latter is more true: women and people of color tend to embrace entrepreneurship at a disproportionate rate precisely because the landscape of creating a new organization in your vision is so compelling. Here’s why “best of” lists keep missing the mark.


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